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The Geneva Shore Report  located

281 Sheridan Springs Rd, Lake Geneva, WI 53417



National newspaper Association Member of the National Newspaper Association 


American Society News Editors  American Society of News Editors

  Memebr National Press Club Considered by   James Strauss, member of the National Press Club, the most "dangerous newspaper in America"   The Geneva Shore Report Office       Mission Statement: The Geneva Shore Report came into being, and continues to exist, for the purpose of building, assisting and continuing the efforts of those living or visiting a small geographic place on the planet called Geneva Lake.  A deep belief in causality, entropy and entertainment theory are at the heart of the attempt by the paper’s ownership and staff to organize and illustrate what it means to truly care about how this small lake, and the people that surround it, proceed into a blissful future.   Founded in 2011, The Geneva Shore Report is dedicating  to serve the community with news and updates, sometimes NOT found in other Media Resources. The Geneva Shore Report (GSR) is focused entertaining while informing,  inform while serving, and serve while rebelling against service. We encourage dialog and always looking for articles and breaking news  relevant to the benefit of residents in Lake Geneva and surrounding areas.

Geneva Shore Report Hot Line 262-812-4000

      • Managing Editor: J. Strauss, Member of the National Press Club
      • Operations Manager: Sally Nimmow
      • Production/Design: Sal E Productions
      • Senior Editor: Vida Rose
      • Correspondent Reporters: Terry O'Neill & Dick Malmin
      • Reporter: Dawn Grandon & Lisa Maynard
      • Washington Correspondent: Dennis Morgan
      • Int. Correspondent: Lt. Col. Barry Carver
      • Volunteer intern: Cody Maynard
      • Intern Investigator: Joni Sommers
      • Marketing & IT Mgr.: Chuck Bartok
      • Published by: Geneva Shore Report Inc.
      • Corp Office: 281 Sheridan Springs
      • Front Desk: Lisa Maynard
      • Mailing address: 507 Broad St #112 Lake Geneva, WI 53147
      • Phone# 262 812 4000 
      • Cell# 262 581 5300
      • genevashorereport@charter.net
      • Annual subscription $45.00
      • Member NAA, NNA and ASNE

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