Little Gems

Local attorney Dave Williams embarrassed himself at the last Lake Geneva City Council meeting:
The man stood up for the Hillmoor project (for money of course, after all he’s an attorney) and then went down in flames screaming, along with the project, when the council unanimously dumped the thing…and Williams with it.
Williams actually stood there (at the podium) and told the collected members of the public attending that everyone who had not seen Dick Malmin’s signs opposed to changing the comprehensive plan were in favor of changing the plan. Only the people who could read were against the plan change. Or something like that.
It was a performance to be remembered.
“Who’s on first,” is the performance that comes to mind, with Williams changing his name to Who.

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George from the “simply sterling” beach crew went into the Kite Lady’s store and got the Kite Lady treatment.
George was looking for a game for his grandchild. The Kite Lady showed him a game for a four-year-old. George could not figure out how to play the game. After four attempts the Kite Lady took the game back, and told him that it was okay because his four-year-old grandchild would probably be able to understand the game quite easily. George got mad and stormed out saying “you don’t have to be rude about it.”
He didn’t buy the game.

Aerial Stunt Kites Store Lake Geneva

The magic show got a standing ovation on Saturday night.
Tristan Crist, and his traveling magic show, not traveling anymore, now located across from the museum at 609 Main Street. The Magic Theatre debuted a very successful opening night, and will continue to offer performances four times a week, through the end of the year and on into 2016. So far audiences have been thrilled, and every show has been sold out! Front row seats cost only twenty-five dollars. Get a second row seat and put your child or grand child in front of you. 248-0505 and a credit card will garner you and your kids a great time. Don’t miss this years Magic Theatre’s show during the Christmas Season.

The show is about an hour long.
You will not be sorry!

Tristan Crist Magic Theater

Grandest Person for the Week

Ramiro Chavez from American Heating and Air

Ramiro Chavez of American Heating & Air is who you want to call if you need help. They service food vans, trucks, businesses and homes. “We really care about our customers and it’s all about giving back to the community.” Call them, you won’t be disappointed!



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