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Living Here, January 25, 2017

The Lake Geneva Regional News ran a story last week, announcing that the Geneva Lake Conservancy requested the City of Lake Geneva to buy the Hillmoor wetlands area (60 acres) from its current owner, so that the conservancy could then “partner” with the city to extend the White River Trail project

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Living Here, October 5, 2016

City Employee’s Health Coverage Costs. The Lake Geneva Meeting of the Whole met on Monday night. And it was a great meeting. The main subject discussed, since no business can be voted upon at these special meetings, was the issue of charging the city employees more for their group medical coverage…..

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Front Page, August 24, 2016

He stands alone on the street. As Gary Cooper stood on that metaphorical street in that movie so long ago. Alone. On his own. Gunfighter Utah Blaine came down from a range war up in Northern Wisconsin to fight Lake Geneva’s battles. And he’s given the effort his all….

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Little Gems, August 17, 2016

The Venetian Festival. There are no canals in Lake Geneva so how did this very popular annual event get its name? Well, it’s now in its seventeenth successful year, and it’s put on by the local chapter of the Jaycees. This merry band of young men (they allow women but you can never find any) drink a bit. And there’s nothing illegal or wrong about that….

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Surprising Stuff, July 6, 2016

Things don’t just happen in the City of Lake Geneva, they are planned. A few years back the city wanted to obtain a liquor license to attract a certain franchised restaurant to the area. The city was unable to make a liquor license available for the certain franchised restaurant……..

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