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Our Place, January 13, 2016

Hammer time! She didn’t want her name used for this story, but this hardy thoughtful woman took a hammer in her own hands and went out to do what the city was failing to do. She beat the hell out of her ice which was determined to be the city’s ice (because she was threatened with a citation for messing with city ice if she continued)……

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Surprising Stuff, January 6, 2016

The Lake Geneva meeting agenda items requested by Alderperson Elizabeth Chappell and Alderman Richard Hedlund were listed as a “discussion/action item”, but they were really about updating the city’s prohibition on tattooing. Technically applying tattoos is not banned in the city of Lake Geneva, however……

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Little Gems, December 30, 2015

Bulging with exploding trash:
The alleys of Lake Geneva occasionally suffer abuse from both the businesses that rent trash dumpsters, and the trash dumpster people themselves. There is a never-ending battle going on in stinky silence, as the businesses seek to save money by not having their dumpsters constantly emptied……..

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Our Place, December 30, 2015

The first real storm of the winter: Lake Geneva woke up on Monday morning to find rain and ice falling from the sky. Snow forced its way into the mix by mid-day, and near blizzard conditions built up as the day moved into early evening. The near freezing temperatures descended into the darkness with the snow tailing off before midnight….

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Our Place, November 18, 2015

Every year in Lake Geneva we come back to the same issues at this time of the year. Unless your business is leased from Mike Kocourek, the wonder business owner of the town (so far 28 business locations in town) then your business is subject to the Gestapo snow shoveling rules of the city……..

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