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Front Page, May 13, 2020

Governor Evers pulled the lanyard on the Coronavirus cannon and fire and brimstone blasted out from the muzzle.  The war’s still on, and casualties are still being incurred, although Walworth County and Lake Geneva itself have been spared most of the effects so far.  The governor released the stranglehold on regular small businesses on Tuesday and the sleeping City of Lake Geneva came alive again

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Front Page, January 30, 2019

The snow came after an earlier preparation layer put down by God, or at least directed by one of His minions. The weather was specially held in suspension, as forty and fifty-degree days and nights came and went in a place (Wisconsin) that almost never sees such warmth at this time of the year

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Surprising Stuff, November 16, 2106

The number of visitors versus parking rates is a simple equation that starts with free parking attracting the greatest number of visitors, and zero visitors when parking rates exceed what a person is willing to pay. Every time the Lake Geneva City Council increases parking rates there is a negative…..

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