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Little Gems, October 12, 2016

BID money comes from a tax on the downtown businesses. Who’s running the Business Improvement District? His name is Mike Kocourek, one of Lake Geneva’s largest business property owners, and a man with a vital interest in the considerations given to business’ in the city…….

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Living Here, September 21, 2016

More on the Budgets.
Over the next year and a half, the Lake Geneva City Council, City Administrator Blaine Oborn and Mayor Alan Kupsik are going to have to make some very difficult financial decisions, and with very few options from which to choose. The $2.5 million windfall from closing TIF #4 may enable……….

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Living Here, June 10, 2015

Sarah Hill, the most intelligent, vibrant alderperson serving on the Lake Geneva City Council (and yes, Ms. Chappell is right up there too): “Mayor Jim Connors has sold the city out in appointing former city administrator Dennis Jordon as the police and fire commission.”

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