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Our Place, March 22, 2017

1916 There’s an old wooden basketball court floor still laying under the later flooring of the recently closed Williams Bay School. That wood has been down there for some time (put there when the school was originally built in 1916) and it has a certain value.

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Little Gems, February 10, 2016

The Fire and Ice Lounge is back for the 6th year at the one and only Baker House, located on Wrigley Drive in Lake Geneva. The Kenosha Baker House Fire and Ice AngelsCompany, Art Below Zero, did a fabulous job on all the ice sculpting. The bar, tables and even the glasses to drink from are all done artistically and made out of solid ice.

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Living Here, January 20, 2016

Imagination!! It’s where children, dreamers, inventors and those of vision live. It’s a place; it’s a thought; it’s an idea and a way of life. It’s like a fourth dimension. It’s all around us, but it is invisible to everyone except those who see it…..

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