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Front Page, July 18, 2018

What happened to the Worshipful Master of Lake Geneva Lodge 44 is emblematic of what is happening to the core fibrous organizations that have allowed Lake Geneva to have a cohesive identity. In days gone by, those organizations, the VFW, American Legion, Masonic Lodge, Jaycees, Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, YMCA, and so many more, have been given special allowance to avoid much of the red tape and expense other, not so community-serving organizations, might have to put up with.

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Little Gems, March 2, 2016

The Traver Hotel is destroyed and the men working on its cleanup are continuing to work at great risk to themselves. Peanuts are being paid to the “firm” that is taking down and hauling away the old hotel. The owner of the firm shows up daily in “T” shirt and runs the heavy equipment…….

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