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Front Page, July 10, 2019

The Lake Geneva City Council, led by rebelling council president John “Hard Charging” Halverson, voted narrowly NOT to spend fifty-three thousand dollars on a thinly disguised feasibility study that would have allowed Hillmoor to be developed or allow the developer to sue the city if not allowed to develop.

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Front Page, June 5, 2019

They went at it. Monday night’s Meeting of the Whole came near to blows as the subject of low-cost subsidized housing became the subject of discussion. The city council, led by council president John Halverson (Mayor Hartz sat in the audience, and then spoke as a citizen later in the meeting)

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Little Gems, April 26, 2017

Saving Private Ryan. He’s not a private of anything, and he certainly doesn’t need saving. Ryan is the name of the neat guy who runs the White River Gun Range, or at least what is to become the White River Gun range (to be additionally titled Field and Freedom) if it gets final approval from the county.

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