Tag: Lake Geneva Utility Commission

Our Place, October 26, 2016

Utility smoke and Mirrors. The strange case of Lake Geneva’s mystery utility department. Six months ago Utility Director Dan Winkler turned in his retirement notice. The utility commission could be criticized for taking so long to start the interviewing process to find a new utility director…….

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Living Here, August 31, 2016

Latest city council news or non-news. The Lake Geneva City Council flinched on its takeover of the city’s sewer and water departments. Chairman of the Utility Department Dennis Lyons spoke against the city taking control of the sewer and water departments and then, later in the meeting…………..

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Front Page, June 15, 2016

The waddling, quacking, and very expensively run Lake Geneva Utility Commission was finally recognized for what it is and brought into the ‘family’ fold on Monday night.
The utility ‘duck’ now has a real pond to paddle around in and that pond……

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Living Here, May 25, 2016

Utah Blaine. Working under the guise of Blaine Oborn, mild-mannered city administrator brings out his Colt .45 and fires opening rounds. The Lake Geneva Utility Commission has been running amok for many years, responsible to nobody and nothing, except itself. Those days are about to end, if Utah Blaine can get the support…

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