Tag: Meeting of the Whole

Front Page, May 9, 2018

Josh, a newcomer to Lake Geneva, came to speak at the Committee of the Whole, at the people’s microphone.  Currently, the man and his wife are building a new house on LaSalle Court on the very western edge of the city limits.

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Front Page, April 11, 2018

Monday night in Lake Geneva was not just another city council meeting night. That city council, with few exceptions, meets every Monday night to discuss and perform the actions necessary to keep Lake Geneva on an even kilter and running along fine.

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Living Here, October 5, 2016

City Employee’s Health Coverage Costs. The Lake Geneva Meeting of the Whole met on Monday night. And it was a great meeting. The main subject discussed, since no business can be voted upon at these special meetings, was the issue of charging the city employees more for their group medical coverage…..

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