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Front Page, February 26, 2020

What happened in the city council chambers of Lake Geneva on Monday night, where the city’s comprehensive plan was supposed to be read and discussed? It was a travesty and a most interesting example of slippery sleazy political maneuvering of the worst kind.

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Front Page, February 14, 2018

The private developers, none of them local, are making the coming election all about only two real issues, rather than the issue of candidate quality.
The two issues are called Hillmoor and BigFoot Beach. The citizens of Lake Geneva have spoken loudly and often about their wish that Hillmoor be kept as a protectorate for their use since so little open land is left…

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Our Place, July 1, 2015

$605 for South Lake Shore Drive BigFoot erosion control. That is the start of erosion control for that road. What’s the money for? It seems that that amount is what is required to be paid by the City of Lake Geneva to the DNR for nothing……..

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Our Place, June 17, 2015

For the Thursday Public Works Committee Meeting ,6/11/15, the City sent in their “Heavy Hitters,” Mayor Connors, City Attorney Draper and City Apologist Chris Schultz, to rein in the committee from considering the idea of abandoning South Lakeshore Drive along Big Foot Beach State Park…….

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