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Our Place, September 21, 2016

Dan Winkler Gone? He left without having to be escorted from the Department of Public Works in handcuffs or carrying a cardboard box in his arms. No, this man who single-handedly made the Lake Geneva Utility Operations an independent ‘Death Star’ of his own design and control went the way of all Death Star commanders…..

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Front Page, July 27, 2016

That stinking pile of road-kill tax called the Resort Area Tax, the RAT, will not be scraped from the road and fed to passing carrion. It lives on, noteworthy for its foul aroma. A tax nobody wants, except those who want to spend it……….

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Living Here, February 24, 2016

The gasoline wars continue. The gasoline companies (filling stations, oil companies, refineries, etc.) versus the public. What now? The price of oil, having dived all the way down from $121.00 a barrel (which is fifty gallons of oil) to $31.00 a barrel a few days ago, went up to $32.45 a barrel on Monday……

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Surprising Stuff, February 10, 2016

Are City ordinances enforced equally on all residents? If you have received a notice of a code violation, then you will probably feel that you have been selectively and specifically targeted. Well, that belief is probably true. Except for signs, about which the city has a neurotic phobia, most ordinance violations are ignored…..

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Our Place, February 10, 2016

Cauldron boil and cauldron bubble. What is it about money, (that substance that’s become the trade lubricant allowing for the exchange of differential goods and services around the world), buried like a flint-tipped spear deep into the heart of every human culture?……

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Our Place, February 3, 2016

The value of an accomplishment stands as a tribute to the person or persons who accomplishes it. In a similar manner, how it was accomplished reveals character and gives insight into underlying values. Few city council meetings have ever been more disheartening than the one held on Jan. 25, 2016…….

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Front Page, February 3, 2016

What a load of bad smelling poppycock the Lake Geneva Utility Department and the State of Wisconsin Public Utility Commission is trying to dump right on Lake Geneva’s doorstep, while referring to this steaming pile as “environmental progress.”……………

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