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  1. KAREN J

    Much Suck…Wooddale Beach Association has a very small sandy beach where the small toddlers play…the shore path goes right thru it. How disruptive to those families enjoying a family time on our private beach! Usually we get a few walkers who are very respectful. Would 150 to 300 competitive runners slow down to navigate thru babies and toddlers playing on the beach?
    This is a terrible and unsafe idea.

    • Geneva Shore Report

      Good points Karen.
      Pressure need to be applied by residents to the Officials,, loud and clear

  2. J Sutte

    This is the dumbest move yet. No no no commercial ization of lakefront to accommodate Geneva Inn. Leave the Linn zoning as is.

    • Geneva Shore Report

      Be sure to have you and your friends attend the Linn Town Hall Meeting August 22, 2017

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