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Front Page, September 5, 2018

That headline is a lyrical excerpt from a song by a group called the Hollies, but the general meaning of it applies to what’s going on with this new climate change all humans are experiencing together, although in many different forms. Climate change, the general warming trend the planet is unquestionably going through, does not always mean higher temperatures.

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Front Page, June 20, 2018

The murky water pouring into Geneva Lake in the Buttons Bay area continues to continue to make swimming an exercise in frowning apprehensive hesitancy. In the beginning of June, the muddy water was first brought to the public’s attention when it was only visible in a small area in front of the culvert it travels through under South Lake Shore Drive.

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Front Page, June 13, 2018

What’s coming in the future for Lake Geneva? Everyone has an opinion, a hope, or some sort of idea about that. But what is likely to happen to the wonderful, ambient and very pleasing creation through time of this place called Lake Geneva?

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Front Page, June 6, 2018

It doesn’t matter, sometimes, who or what does something really good. Praising rewards should always be handed out and published for such work. Such is the case with the Lake Geneva Regional News, Lake Geneva’s oldest newspaper. The managing editor there has stated that the newspaper will be publishing the weekly water quality report for Geneva Lake.

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Front Page, May 30, 2018

The Geneva Shore Report was wrong when it reported that Tom Hartz, the owner of Simple restaurant and mayor of Lake Geneva, was in any way involved in the conversion of the old school in Williams Bay to some sort of wellness center. Wrong. That the GSR was misled by a nearly unimpeachable witness does not mean the GSR is not culpable.

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