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Front Page, March 31, 2021

The election is here.  On the 6th of April, the people of Town of Linn, the voters, will decide if they want idiocy and selfish interest to pervade over rational thought and reason.  Intractable and thoughtless Chris Jones is running against the brilliant former oncology nurse Maureen Zimmerman.  

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Front Page, March 24, 2021

The Town of Linn election is rushing upon Geneva Lake, on April 6th, to be exact.  Not just rushing upon Town of Linn, but the lake itself, as the waters around the lake have become more contiguously brought together through the years.  What happens in the Town of Linn can affect all the communities adjacent to the lake, as well as what happens on a good bit of the property around it, and even the body of water itself.

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Front Page, November 18, 2020

Joseph Biden will be the president of the United States come this January 20th. That is now almost entirely certain, even if the current president decides to exit the office and the White House with an armed escort and a series of cardboard boxes. Replacing this president is proving to be almost as difficult and persistently hard as trying to get rid of the Coronavirus (Covid19) or stabilizing the damaged national economy.

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Front Page, September 9, 2020

Spyro (pronounced “Speedo”) Condos, the owner and operator of the Harborside Grill on Wrigley across from the Riviera Pier Complex, blew into the Business Improvement District board of directors like a breath of fresh air, delivered by a blow torch.

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Front Page, August 5, 2020

What happens to a boat or a ship (a sailing vessel of more than a hundred feet) out in troubled waters too deep or rough to swim in yet shallow enough to toss an anchor in to wait out the difficulties without being thrown on a rocky shore if it does not have an anchor?  A “sea anchor” will work in deep waters far from shore, where a sail or some other large floating object is thrown overboard with a long line attached to it.

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