Tag: City of Lake Geneva

Front Page, August 29, 2018

Mayor Tom Hartz signs off on the attempt to attack the latest creepingly quiet threat to the quality of Geneva Lake. The mayor signed a check for twenty thousand dollars to stop the spread of something most people living around Geneva Lake have never heard of.

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Front Page, August 15, 2018

Are there things wrong with the secretly renegotiated contract that Mayor Tom Hartz signed with MSI General Corp, regarding the redevelopment of the Riviera Pier Complex? You better believe there are. The renegotiated contract, dated July 27th, 2018, was signed on August 2nd by Mayor Hartz and a representative of that company

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Front Page, August 1, 2018

Is the public’s participation in the ‘public plan participation’ component in the city’s comprehensive plan going to be eliminated? In the July 23rd city council meeting Item 12 g, which was listed as “Discussion/Action for the amendments to the Comprehensive Plan” was postponed until the next city council meeting on August 13th

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