Tag: City of Lake Geneva

Front Page, February 10, 2021

Tom Earle, the head of the public works department and the street department in Lake Geneva, has unilaterally taken it as his position, supported by the art laden city truck flag portrayals, that the thin blue line laid down the horizontal American flag is something the residents, taxpayers, and even visitors must display before them as a symbol of Lake Geneva pride

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Front Page, December 9, 2020

he snows of another Wisconsin winter are coming. Currently, there’s a ‘snow drought,’ they are saying. Normally, Lake Geneva gets ten inches of snow in the month of December, but here it is with one-third of the month gone, and there’s been no snow at all. In Wisconsin, however, that full ten inches could easily fall on one day or night. The challenge is going to be removing it, and then getting rid of it.

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