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Front Page, October 20, 2021

There’s a home located on Pleasant Street in downtown Lake Geneva.  It’s currently a rental and, with property values rising, or rather skyrocketing, has gone up in value from $125,00 that it sold for in 2015, to $343,000 today.  The current dwellers are renting the place, apparently, if the Internet is to be believed.  That house used to have an American flag flying from a buttress holding up the porch, viewable in the Google maps section.

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Front Page, September 29, 2021

The elected, appointed and hired officials of Lake Geneva City leadership meet all the time.  They met again on Monday night to discuss things that seem to have as much bearing on the real-life existence of residents, voters, visitors, and more who inhabit the area around Geneva Lake as a pack of roaming hyenas padding about the land over and above a great seething population of termites underfoot.

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Front Page, September 15, 2021

The Lake Geneva City Council met on Monday to consider a response to its request that the Town of Geneva remove the speed bumps it installed months ago going up and down Center Street just to the north (and on up that hill) of Williams Street. Basically, in a most neighborly worded letter, the Town of Geneva told the City of Lake Geneva to go to hell. 

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Front Page, September 6, 2021

Chicago’s latest report about the levels and number of pipes remaining that supply drinking water to all of its citizens became available last Sunday, published by the Chicago Tribune.  There are just short of 400,000 homes still served with lead pipes, both those that are trunked in by the city and those that lead from the city pipes into private homes.

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Front Page, February 10, 2021

Tom Earle, the head of the public works department and the street department in Lake Geneva, has unilaterally taken it as his position, supported by the art laden city truck flag portrayals, that the thin blue line laid down the horizontal American flag is something the residents, taxpayers, and even visitors must display before them as a symbol of Lake Geneva pride

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Front Page, December 9, 2020

he snows of another Wisconsin winter are coming. Currently, there’s a ‘snow drought,’ they are saying. Normally, Lake Geneva gets ten inches of snow in the month of December, but here it is with one-third of the month gone, and there’s been no snow at all. In Wisconsin, however, that full ten inches could easily fall on one day or night. The challenge is going to be removing it, and then getting rid of it.

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