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Front Page, November 25, 2020

This date will go down as one of the classically most important dates in the history of the Town of Linn.  One week back, the Town of Linn board met to conduct the state-mandated not knowing that annual meeting, not knowing that Chris Jones, Craig DeYoung, Kathy Leith, Doris Roan, and Charlie Roan (including their attorney) gathered a group of supposed residents to attend this once-a-year town meeting, wherein the amassed population can get together and change most any rule it feels like, that is either been passed and enacted in the past year or even before that

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Front Page, November 18, 2020

Joseph Biden will be the president of the United States come this January 20th. That is now almost entirely certain, even if the current president decides to exit the office and the White House with an armed escort and a series of cardboard boxes. Replacing this president is proving to be almost as difficult and persistently hard as trying to get rid of the Coronavirus (Covid19) or stabilizing the damaged national economy.

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Front Page, November 11, 2020

Two weeks ago, the director of public works, Tom Earle, stood before the BID meeting board (Business Improvement District), a group that represents the downtown Lake Geneva businesses and functions for all intents and purposes as a city committee, and told those members of the board: “I do not have the staff or equipment to plow the sidewalks downtown.”

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Front Page, November 4, 2020

There was plenty of warning. There was a lot of warning about the fact that the CDC (National Center for Disease Control, had been defunded and broken down into more or less an agency without resources, supplies, and money. The CDC budget was cut prior to the appearance of the novel virus.

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Front Page, October 28,2020

Lake Geneva just lost what might best be described as its most competent and best employee. Linda Frame was hired last year to become the new harbormaster. She came in like a fresh wind, sweeping old ‘fiefdom’ thinking and acting into the wastebasket when it came to operating an effective beach and harbor policy and place.

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Front Page, October 21, 2020

For so many people, across the length and reach of the USA, Christmas is all about the celebration of the coming of Christ. It is as symbolic to many, as it is real to others, and then there are those who merely use the occasion of the holiday to have a wonderful celebration of life itself, irrespective of its religious foundations

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Front Page, October 14, 2020

Ten million homes across the United States still get their drinking water through old lead pipes.  500,000 children in this country get lead poisoning symptoms every year.  Where else can anyone go to explain the current leadership of the United States…

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Front Page, October 7, 2020

For the very first time, since the GSR has been reporting on the verifiable fact that the cell phone companies do not have their towers turned on, the city government officials have finally taken note. The Lake Geneva City Council is preparing to onerously charge these cell phone companies if they refuse to turn their cell phone towers on

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Front Page, September 30, 2020

The Lake Geneva City Council met on Monday night to consider things as diverse as the BID’s request to revive Octoberfest (the council unanimously approved), the Peller assessment that’s been kicked down the road for ten years (it was kicked into October), road repairs for the entrance to Snake Road and Highway 50 nearby, and finally, the wearing of masks.

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Front Page, September 23, 2020

The City of Lake Geneva finds itself, in the year 2020, in a stuttering, complexly braided mass of stoppages, closures, development, and credibility.  The nation follows in trace of these same paralyzing issues or, quite possibly, leads the way with and through the whole time. 

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Front Page, September 16, 2020

The Tour de France, the world-famous bicycle race, is going on right now.  France is a long way from Lake Geneva, and quite possibly much further away in cultural development.  The movie, television and video cameras set up along the course show this very long race wending its way through village after village and town after town of wonderfully idyllic and gorgeous buildings, churches, castles, natural landmarks, and just about everything else.  There is not one town or village that looks at all like the entrance to Lake Geneva on its east side, or its north side or even coming in from Highway H or along Edwards Boulevard or Wells.

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