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Front Page, July 7, 2021

The slow, sometimes staggered, and tilted development of the Lake Geneva area is becoming more apparent as time passes. The virus has not run its course, as of this writing, but it has been put into abeyance and into a ‘back seat’ if you will, because of the success of the vaccinations. Many people in Walworth County are vaccinated, as of this writing.

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Front Page, June 30, 2021

The Dungeons and Dragons Museum. The museum, to be located at 723 Williams Street in Lake Geneva, celebrates Lake Geneva as the birthplace of the Dungeons and Dragons game phenomenon, and the home of its late originator Gary Gygax. Lake Geneva is the wonderfully appropriate location for a place dedicated to this man’s brilliant work.

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Front Page, June 23, 2021

What has the Town of Linn done to itself with its handling of the liquor and re-zoning of the area on Linn Pier road for a place called the Pier?  The place is a restaurant/clubhouse/convenience store and is operated by a new owner by the name of Patrick Hogan. 

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Front Page, June 16, 2021

Why is “The Pier,” the bar that is now opened on Linn Road, on the way down to one of Geneva Lake’s only available boat launching piers, so attacked by local residents who live in the area?  The residents showed up in force on Monday night when the Town of Linn board meeting was held. 

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Front Page, June 9, 2021

“I came, I saw, I conquered,” is an expression made world-famous by Caesar when he was the emperor of Rome.  He gave that phrase to the congress of the time, as his explanation of a commander’s winning a battle on foreign land.  A twenty-year-old young man and his twenty-one-year-old companion decided to act upon those words and leave their imprint on Lake Geneva one early morning hour in downtown Lake Geneva.  

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Front Page, June 2, 2021

How is anybody going to get to Lake Geneva this summer, as the virus is abating and minimized by ever-increasing vaccinations and the crowds of summer are calculated to grow to numbers not seen in fifty years?  The roads leading to and from Lake Geneva are nothing short of roadblocking, time-consuming, and miserable paved ribbons of heated waiting and unexpected discontent.  

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Front Page, May 26, 2021

The Town of Linn begins to awaken after a very long slumber.  At the highly paid-for comprehensive plan meetings, that welcomed all residents to fill out forms and offer opinions, the consensus of the groups was that the Town of Linn was mostly agricultural and could use more diversity in business development.  

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Front Page, May 5, 2021

The formal title for the regular meeting wherein the public is allowed to come forward at a preset city council meeting and stand at the podium to expound is the Meeting of the Whole.
What happened to the Meeting of the Whole in Lake Geneva?  

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