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Front Page, July 8, 2020

They fixed the outside of the Riviera Pier Complex for around two and a half million borrowed dollars. The cheap look of the roof tiles was, once again, explained away in the same fashion: “That’s how it was when they built it over one hundred years ago.”
The rest of the redevelopment project, sort of an “if it ain’t fixed, don’t break it,” kind of an approach, began the final run for daylight on Monday, with the first meeting of the new committee, chaired by the Mayor, to decide when, how and, in what order, to fix the mess that has been the interior of the building since the eighties.

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Front Page, July 1, 2020

Lake Geneva’s emergency order, shutting down businesses of every kind is lifted.  The Supreme Court of Wisconsin ruled that such shutdown orders were unconstitutional and therefore invalid.  The new shutdowns are self-imposed, by businesses of some repute and apparent ethics.

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Front Page, June 17, 2020

What strange “outer limits” kind of a thing is going on at the BigFoot confluence of beach and boaters?  
The entire lake community is constantly, time after time, taken aback at the “community property” nature of the Geneva Lake itself.  What belongs to whom?  How far out does ownership of the lake exist for private and public landowners?

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Front Page, June 10, 2020

Charlene Klein came into office as Mayor of Lake Geneva in the quiet before the Coronavirus storm really struck the heart of Walworth County. The virus wasn’t an issue in the election, of either Charlene or the three city alderpersons who came into office at the same time. There were issues generating terrific interest and pressure when the election took place. Three issues were dominant over all others.

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Front Page, June 3, 2020

Sometimes, the old adage, and even instructions during Marine Corps Officer Training, is not correct.  In that adage, the words: “any decision is better than no decision,” means that sometimes standing pat or taking no action is almost always wrong, and that’s simply not true in life, as we face its changing nature day in and day out.  

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Front Page, May 13, 2020

Governor Evers pulled the lanyard on the Coronavirus cannon and fire and brimstone blasted out from the muzzle.  The war’s still on, and casualties are still being incurred, although Walworth County and Lake Geneva itself have been spared most of the effects so far.  The governor released the stranglehold on regular small businesses on Tuesday and the sleeping City of Lake Geneva came alive again

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Front Page, May 6, 2020

What’s happening at these institutions is not just limited to these two. It’s also happening at hospitals in Milwaukee and North Chicago. In fact, the VA hospitals in both of those places are also experiencing the underlying problem although, with the federal funding they receive, they’re relatively immune from the effects of the problem. What is the problem? Funding.

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Front Page, April 29, 2020

Essentially, Lake Geneva is shut down.  With the exception of filling stations, construction work, liquor stores, and the big box operations, life inside the city is basically dead, except on the weekends.  Weekends are a different matter altogether.  Last weekend the town was full.

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Front Page, April 22, 2020

Who is this woman and what is she doing sitting at the helm of the “ship of Lake Geneva” at this most critical time? So many things are on the table. The trouble with raising revenue for a short budget can only get shorter before any real fixes can be made. Parking is free for the foreseeable future. The
the tax base will be shorn of full expected contributions as the Coronavirus shut down continues to burn its way into every citizen’s heart, wallet, and purse

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