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Front Page, May 5, 2021

The formal title for the regular meeting wherein the public is allowed to come forward at a preset city council meeting and stand at the podium to expound is the Meeting of the Whole.
What happened to the Meeting of the Whole in Lake Geneva?  

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Front Page, April 28, 2018

Yes, this new Wisconsin Senate Bill is all about you, even though you may have no intent or reason to think it might have something to do with you.  Politics is another word this culture uses when discussing the selection of its leaders. 

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Front Page, April 21, 2021

The farmland owner’s opposition to the slate of board members carried in on a landslide at the recent election, faded into history, at least the recent history.  The farm opposition, so flagrantly assembled over the course of the last seven months, exclusive of election night, was nowhere to be seen. 

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Front Page, April 14, 2021

Out of time and out of place the Town of Linn annual meeting comes at us all, again.  The last time a ‘town meeting’ was called, the greatest controversy since the town was chartered made its explosive presence known.  Recently defeated board member Chris Jones, her fellow candidate for the board in the following election Tom Leonard, and their preferred city clerk candidate Chuck Rhon, gathered at the town hall on November 9th of 2020, set to basically end the Town of Linn as everyone knows it and place the area under county control, supervision and operation

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Front Page, April 7, 2021

There was trouble in the Town of Linn, and disaster lay just ahead, back in 2020, when some unprincipled, and downright nasty individuals, decided to use the effects of the virus (people were staying home and things were not being televised much) to make a run for control of the whole town.  Their plan was simple, attend the single annual town meeting, where those who show up can vote to change almost anything. 

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Front Page, March 31, 2021

The election is here.  On the 6th of April, the people of Town of Linn, the voters, will decide if they want idiocy and selfish interest to pervade over rational thought and reason.  Intractable and thoughtless Chris Jones is running against the brilliant former oncology nurse Maureen Zimmerman.  

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Front Page, March 24, 2021

The Town of Linn election is rushing upon Geneva Lake, on April 6th, to be exact.  Not just rushing upon Town of Linn, but the lake itself, as the waters around the lake have become more contiguously brought together through the years.  What happens in the Town of Linn can affect all the communities adjacent to the lake, as well as what happens on a good bit of the property around it, and even the body of water itself.

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Front Page, March 17, 2021

The county of Walworth has been graced with lower than average incidences of the virus, hospitalizations, and deaths from the deadly results of contracting the virus.  But there is no protection, in past good fortune, as the present is a tenuous place populated by virus mutations assuredly as dangerous, or more so, than the original strain of the disease.  

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Front Page, March 10, 2021

We are not reporting about the return of certain bird species to the State of Wisconsin, the retreat and melting of the thick snowpack, or even the depth of ice out on Geneva Lake.  We are reporting on the insidious, secretive, and aggressively nasty company called White River Holdings, run by a CEO named Paul Fitzpatrick and based in downtown Chicago, which is damned appropriate.

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Front Page, March 3, 2021

The Geneva Shore Report owes an apology to Bridget Leech, the events coordinator for Lake Geneva Country Meats.  Last week the city council met to decide whether or not the pop-up events, sponsored by a non-profit, and supported by Lake Geneva Country Meats, could be held in Lake Geneva with the addition of temporary liquor permits for their use.

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Front Page, February 24, 2021

The Lake Geneva Country Meats pop-up events, set for being open on the last weekend in February and the first two in March, were turned down by the city council.  Actually, the city council didn’t turn it down, they kicked the approval on into the second week of March, which would mean that only one of the scheduled events of the three can be held, and that’s if the council approves it at that time

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