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Front Page, March 3, 2021

The Geneva Shore Report owes an apology to Bridget Leech, the events coordinator for Lake Geneva Country Meats.  Last week the city council met to decide whether or not the pop-up events, sponsored by a non-profit, and supported by Lake Geneva Country Meats, could be held in Lake Geneva with the addition of temporary liquor permits for their use.

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Front Page, February 24, 2021

The Lake Geneva Country Meats pop-up events, set for being open on the last weekend in February and the first two in March, were turned down by the city council.  Actually, the city council didn’t turn it down, they kicked the approval on into the second week of March, which would mean that only one of the scheduled events of the three can be held, and that’s if the council approves it at that time

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Front Page, February 10, 2021

Tom Earle, the head of the public works department and the street department in Lake Geneva, has unilaterally taken it as his position, supported by the art laden city truck flag portrayals, that the thin blue line laid down the horizontal American flag is something the residents, taxpayers, and even visitors must display before them as a symbol of Lake Geneva pride

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Front Page, February 3, 2021

The winter of 2020/2021 began during late December, and it came in gently with quite some unseasonable warmth.  That all ended in January when the first snows began to fall.  By the 3rd of February, the number of snow fallen had accumulated to be about the same depth as any other year might get in a full season

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Front Page, January 27, 2021

Normally, the Geneva Shore Report sticks pretty closely to local items to report on, and this article is one that is as local as any while it seems to be distant or national in nature.  This new administration came hammering into office, riding on the coattails of two solid and basic policies.

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Front Page, January 20, 2021

The residents who rent boat slips, buoys, or kayak spots are not happy, and some are appalled that they have been labeled as the rich residents of Lake Geneva and that the assumption that they can afford rental rate increases is basically very unreasonable and unfair. Alderperson (and committee person) Howell of Lake Geneva started the discussion about the potential rate increase many council members favor

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Front Page, January 13, 2021

Chris Jones, Kathy Leith, and Chuck Roan are still where they are in the Town of Linn, and they are apparently not going anywhere.  The embarrassment of their defeat in taking over the town was so overwhelming that it would have more than phased normal people.  But not them.  Chris and Kathy remain on the board as if nothing happened.  

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Front Page, January 6, 2021

The great meeting, generated by the threat of a ‘nuclear explosion’ coming to near critical mass in the Town of Linn back on November 17, 2020, was held on Monday night, at the Linn firehouse.  The meeting followed an even larger meeting held back in December when it was discovered by the citizens of Town of Linn that two women had gotten together to lay a giant political bear trap at the annual ‘electors’ meeting held in November.  

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Front Page, December 23, 2020

Four hundred.  The chips were down, the cards ready to be turned, and a loss against even a weakened and mentally disadvantaged enemy could have cost Town of Linn, the Town of Linn.  But they came. The four hundred.  The annual meeting that was held on December 17th, 2020, the one in which two of the city’s board members showed up in the audience to send sycophants and minions forward to offer resolutions, had led to the potential loss of the powers of the township itself to this small, but quiet and prosperous cabal of co-conspirators.

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Front Page, December 16, 2020

The momentous meeting in the Town of Linn, at the firehouse, on the evening of the 17th of December, has meaning for every community around Geneva Lake. Why?  Precedent.  What is the precedent being established by this meeting and by the meaning of this meeting?
Wisconsin has a law.  Once a year, every community can get together and have the residents vote to make changes to ordinances, laws, and other things they don’t like occurring in their township.  

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