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Front Page, May 9, 2018

Josh, a newcomer to Lake Geneva, came to speak at the Committee of the Whole, at the people’s microphone.  Currently, the man and his wife are building a new house on LaSalle Court on the very western edge of the city limits.

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Best Nicknames of 2016

The GSR staff would like to take the opportunity to remember the best Nicknames of those more infamous personalities around the lake. Those that have been christened with a nickname are truly loved by the GSR staff and meant in the spirit of fun.

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Our Place, October 26, 2016

Utility smoke and Mirrors. The strange case of Lake Geneva’s mystery utility department. Six months ago Utility Director Dan Winkler turned in his retirement notice. The utility commission could be criticized for taking so long to start the interviewing process to find a new utility director…….

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