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Front Page, June 6, 2018

It doesn’t matter, sometimes, who or what does something really good. Praising rewards should always be handed out and published for such work. Such is the case with the Lake Geneva Regional News, Lake Geneva’s oldest newspaper. The managing editor there has stated that the newspaper will be publishing the weekly water quality report for Geneva Lake.

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Living Here, January 25, 2017

The Lake Geneva Regional News ran a story last week, announcing that the Geneva Lake Conservancy requested the City of Lake Geneva to buy the Hillmoor wetlands area (60 acres) from its current owner, so that the conservancy could then “partner” with the city to extend the White River Trail project

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Our Place, September 21, 2016

Dan Winkler Gone? He left without having to be escorted from the Department of Public Works in handcuffs or carrying a cardboard box in his arms. No, this man who single-handedly made the Lake Geneva Utility Operations an independent ‘Death Star’ of his own design and control went the way of all Death Star commanders…..

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Living Here, September 14, 2016

About twice a generation there is an attempt to change the direction of local government and about half the time it succeeds. With the hiring of a new city administrator, “Utah” Blaine Oborn, last spring, and with the election of a new Mayor Alan Kupsik and a couple of new Alderpersons, a power struggle to determine how the city is to be run is in process……

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