Tag: Lake Geneva City Council

Front Page, July 10, 2019

The Lake Geneva City Council, led by rebelling council president John “Hard Charging” Halverson, voted narrowly NOT to spend fifty-three thousand dollars on a thinly disguised feasibility study that would have allowed Hillmoor to be developed or allow the developer to sue the city if not allowed to develop.

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Front Page, April 11, 2018

Monday night in Lake Geneva was not just another city council meeting night. That city council, with few exceptions, meets every Monday night to discuss and perform the actions necessary to keep Lake Geneva on an even kilter and running along fine.

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Front Page, January 31, 2018

The City of Lake Geneva is about to change…again.  The mayor’s position of supreme leadership (if you will) is up for grabs, and three “amigos” have ridden into town to help the peasants fight off the forces of banditos, or forces of evil, take your pick

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