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Front Page, June 23, 2021

What has the Town of Linn done to itself with its handling of the liquor and re-zoning of the area on Linn Pier road for a place called the Pier?  The place is a restaurant/clubhouse/convenience store and is operated by a new owner by the name of Patrick Hogan. 

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Front Page, January 13, 2021

Chris Jones, Kathy Leith, and Chuck Roan are still where they are in the Town of Linn, and they are apparently not going anywhere.  The embarrassment of their defeat in taking over the town was so overwhelming that it would have more than phased normal people.  But not them.  Chris and Kathy remain on the board as if nothing happened.  

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Front Page, January 6, 2021

The great meeting, generated by the threat of a ‘nuclear explosion’ coming to near critical mass in the Town of Linn back on November 17, 2020, was held on Monday night, at the Linn firehouse.  The meeting followed an even larger meeting held back in December when it was discovered by the citizens of Town of Linn that two women had gotten together to lay a giant political bear trap at the annual ‘electors’ meeting held in November.  

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Front Page, December 23, 2020

Four hundred.  The chips were down, the cards ready to be turned, and a loss against even a weakened and mentally disadvantaged enemy could have cost Town of Linn, the Town of Linn.  But they came. The four hundred.  The annual meeting that was held on December 17th, 2020, the one in which two of the city’s board members showed up in the audience to send sycophants and minions forward to offer resolutions, had led to the potential loss of the powers of the township itself to this small, but quiet and prosperous cabal of co-conspirators.

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Front Page, December 16, 2020

The momentous meeting in the Town of Linn, at the firehouse, on the evening of the 17th of December, has meaning for every community around Geneva Lake. Why?  Precedent.  What is the precedent being established by this meeting and by the meaning of this meeting?
Wisconsin has a law.  Once a year, every community can get together and have the residents vote to make changes to ordinances, laws, and other things they don’t like occurring in their township.  

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Front Page, November 25, 2020

This date will go down as one of the classically most important dates in the history of the Town of Linn.  One week back, the Town of Linn board met to conduct the state-mandated not knowing that annual meeting, not knowing that Chris Jones, Craig DeYoung, Kathy Leith, Doris Roan, and Charlie Roan (including their attorney) gathered a group of supposed residents to attend this once-a-year town meeting, wherein the amassed population can get together and change most any rule it feels like, that is either been passed and enacted in the past year or even before that

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