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Front Page, November 11, 2020

Two weeks ago, the director of public works, Tom Earle, stood before the BID meeting board (Business Improvement District), a group that represents the downtown Lake Geneva businesses and functions for all intents and purposes as a city committee, and told those members of the board: “I do not have the staff or equipment to plow the sidewalks downtown.”

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Front Page, October 21, 2020

For so many people, across the length and reach of the USA, Christmas is all about the celebration of the coming of Christ. It is as symbolic to many, as it is real to others, and then there are those who merely use the occasion of the holiday to have a wonderful celebration of life itself, irrespective of its religious foundations

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Front Page, September 9, 2020

Spyro (pronounced “Speedo”) Condos, the owner and operator of the Harborside Grill on Wrigley across from the Riviera Pier Complex, blew into the Business Improvement District board of directors like a breath of fresh air, delivered by a blow torch.

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