Tag: Walworth County

Front Page, March 17, 2021

The county of Walworth has been graced with lower than average incidences of the virus, hospitalizations, and deaths from the deadly results of contracting the virus.  But there is no protection, in past good fortune, as the present is a tenuous place populated by virus mutations assuredly as dangerous, or more so, than the original strain of the disease.  

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Front Page, August 26, 2020

Lake Geneva, and the other communities, can take a punch. The punch taken that proved that is one everyone remains fully aware of to this day. That punch, the punch of the Coronavirus (COVID19) struck ever so slowly back in February of 2020, and the follow-through from it is still shaking, roiling, and reverberating through every bit of every scene, situation and action occurring anywhere and everywhere around Geneva Lake.

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