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Letters to the Editor, March 20, 2019

Letters to the Editor This is the email I want to send Cavanaugh this morning, so please publish, if you would: “ Mr. Tim Cavanaugh (president of the Trinke Association): We have continued to do everything possible to find an alternative dewatering site for the...

Letters To The Editor, March 6, 2019

Letters to the Editor My concern is two-fold: 1. Ice Castles better not use any chemicals to melt that massive block of ice & go into Our lake. 2. I suppose we have to endure how many weeks of waiting to melt down and then, removal of all the equipment,...

Letters To The Editor, February 20, 2019

Letter to the Editor I was able to listen in on a telephone conversation last week between Trinke Estate leadership and the Wisconsin DNR representatives. Despite the set-up for the Skype conference-call being such a mess, I’m still hoping the results of the...

Letters To The Editor, January 23, 2019

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR   Facts by themselves, like events, have no meaning, people add meaning to them. A couple in love watching a sunset, and a person who has just lost a loved one watching the same sunset, both experience and feel love but in a totally...

Letters To The Editor, January 2, 2019

Letter to the Editor Anonymous text to a GSR cell phone the day before Christmas. “A beautiful city indeed... I came here looking for my mother after my home burned down in KY. I lost my wife and son. Came here to find out my ma had already passed from cancer. I am...

Letters to The Editor, December 12, 2018

Letter To The Editor I am still the owner and will operate through the new year. The property is NOT under contract with anyone. I am unsure as to the future for the Property after the New Year. FaceBook messenger should not be considered primary communication...

Letters To The Editor, November 14, 2018

Letters to the Editor   I have analyzed the Charles Yerkes letter that details the gift he made to the University of Chicago of the Yerkes Observatory. There is no chance, from the clear reading of the actual words you see reproduced here below, that Charles...

Letters To The Editor, October 31, 2018

Letters to the Editor Unhappy we receive so little information about our political candidates — so much of its sound bites or mud-slinging — I wanted to participate in politics the old-fashioned way. I volunteered to accompany Katherine Gaulke, Assembly...

Letters to The Editor, October 17, 2018

Letters to the Editor As part of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Walworth County Out of the Darkness Walks, there will be a walk on Saturday, October 27th at the Walworth County Fairgrounds to draw attention to the importance of suicide...

Letters To The Editor, October 10, 2018

Letters to the Editors Since his first term in August as a State Assemblyman, I have time and time again made a request to speak with Tyler August in his role as an Assemblyman - my representative in the State Government.  Time and Time again, my calls, letters,...

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