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Letters To The Editor, July 3, 2019

Letters to the Editor Open letter to Wisconsin Governor Evers: Thank you for directing the DNR to respond to our letter of distress over the impending doom facing Geneva Lake by the Exotic Species Infestation of Starry stonewort. Unfortunately, our letter...

Letters to the Editor, June 26, 2019

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR I had heard of a youth who passed out in the Knockerball. It's like a chimney inside those things. I searched "Is Knockerball dangerous?" on the Internet. And got a lot plus injuries, plus lawsuits, plus someone was awarded $45 million not...

Letters To The Editor, June 12, 2019

Letters to the Editor We feel what we see. What we see is determined by how we see it. How we see it is determined by the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we attach to what we see. Attach your own being to those that you see and you will begin to understand...

Letters To The Editor, June 5, 2019

Letters To The Editor Excellent front page last week. Exactly what we've been saying. 1. Who hired this Roger Rabbit guy? 2. What was the purpose? 3.  What was the study for? 4. Council just can't wait to spend money. 5. Lake Geneva is like a coffee cup. There's...

Letters To The Editor, May 29, 2019

Letter to the Editor This was sent to Preston Cole, Wisconsin Secretary of Natural Resources CC to the Geneva Shore Report 5/21/2019 Dear Secretary Cole: Lake Geneva is under a threat of invasion by an alien aquatic invasive species with a reputation in both...

Letters To The Editor, May 22, 2019

Letter to the Editor There is a point, as the point moves it forms a line (the first dimension), as the line moves it forms a plane (the second dimension), as the plane moves it forms a solid (the third dimension), as the solid moves it forms (the 4th...

Letters To The Editor, May 8, 2019

Letters to the Editor The Symphony Bay retirement village and its Golden Years multi-bed dementia center will impact the city with an increase in elderly problems, so perhaps it is a good time to discuss living with the progressive loss of one’s memory and...

Letters to the Editor, May 1, 2019

Letters to the Editor Everybody loves Lake Geneva and tells you how lucky you are to live there, right? Well, it’s true; we all love Geneva Lake, each in our own way, and we are truly fortunate to live in the Lake Geneva Community. But something really sinister...

Letters To The Editor, April 24, 2019

Letters to the Editor Does the end justify the means? The answer is “No”. The means must justify themselves to a just end. There are two kinds of people who do good things. There are the ones who do good deeds because they personally benefit from doing good...

Letters to the Editor, April 17, 2019

Letters To The Editor Letter to the Editor: Regarding the renewed enforcement of the retail outside display ordinance: In the Lake Geneva Regional News on April 10, 2019 the Mayor was quoted as saying “it’s primarily to keep sidewalks available to pedestrians...

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