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Letters To The Editor, May 22, 2019

Letter to the Editor There is a point, as the point moves it forms a line (the first dimension), as the line moves it forms a plane (the second dimension), as the plane moves it forms a solid (the third dimension), as the solid moves it forms (the 4th...

Letters To The Editor, May 8, 2019

Letters to the Editor The Symphony Bay retirement village and its Golden Years multi-bed dementia center will impact the city with an increase in elderly problems, so perhaps it is a good time to discuss living with the progressive loss of one’s memory and...

Letters to the Editor, May 1, 2019

Letters to the Editor Everybody loves Lake Geneva and tells you how lucky you are to live there, right? Well, it’s true; we all love Geneva Lake, each in our own way, and we are truly fortunate to live in the Lake Geneva Community. But something really sinister...

Letters To The Editor, April 24, 2019

Letters to the Editor Does the end justify the means? The answer is “No”. The means must justify themselves to a just end. There are two kinds of people who do good things. There are the ones who do good deeds because they personally benefit from doing good...

Letters to the Editor, April 17, 2019

Letters To The Editor Letter to the Editor: Regarding the renewed enforcement of the retail outside display ordinance: In the Lake Geneva Regional News on April 10, 2019 the Mayor was quoted as saying “it’s primarily to keep sidewalks available to pedestrians...

Letters to the Editor, April 10, 2019

Letters to the Editor  From: Tom Doyle, local Lake Geneva resident. This article said people who swim and fish off the West Pier say that vandalism is not a problem at the pier, I’m surprised you don’t realize fishing and swimming of the West Pier is prohibited....

Letters To The Editor, March 27, 2019

Letter to the Editor   As the former Chairman for the Town of Linn, I have witnessed many situations and conflicts in local politics. But I will say I have never seen such a display of lies, deception and false truths as are being spread to local residents...

Letters to the Editor, March 20, 2019

Letters to the Editor This is the email I want to send Cavanaugh this morning, so please publish, if you would: “ Mr. Tim Cavanaugh (president of the Trinke Association): We have continued to do everything possible to find an alternative dewatering site for the...

Letters To The Editor, March 6, 2019

Letters to the Editor My concern is two-fold: 1. Ice Castles better not use any chemicals to melt that massive block of ice & go into Our lake. 2. I suppose we have to endure how many weeks of waiting to melt down and then, removal of all the equipment,...

Letters To The Editor, February 20, 2019

Letter to the Editor I was able to listen in on a telephone conversation last week between Trinke Estate leadership and the Wisconsin DNR representatives. Despite the set-up for the Skype conference-call being such a mess, I’m still hoping the results of the...

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