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Front Page, January 20, 2021

The residents who rent boat slips, buoys, or kayak spots are not happy, and some are appalled that they have been labeled as the rich residents of Lake Geneva and that the assumption that they can afford rental rate increases is basically very unreasonable and unfair. Alderperson (and committee person) Howell of Lake Geneva started the discussion about the potential rate increase many council members favor

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Front Page, July 8, 2020

They fixed the outside of the Riviera Pier Complex for around two and a half million borrowed dollars. The cheap look of the roof tiles was, once again, explained away in the same fashion: “That’s how it was when they built it over one hundred years ago.”
The rest of the redevelopment project, sort of an “if it ain’t fixed, don’t break it,” kind of an approach, began the final run for daylight on Monday, with the first meeting of the new committee, chaired by the Mayor, to decide when, how and, in what order, to fix the mess that has been the interior of the building since the eighties.

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