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Front Page, April 21, 2021

The farmland owner’s opposition to the slate of board members carried in on a landslide at the recent election, faded into history, at least the recent history.  The farm opposition, so flagrantly assembled over the course of the last seven months, exclusive of election night, was nowhere to be seen. 

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Front Page, April 14, 2021

Out of time and out of place the Town of Linn annual meeting comes at us all, again.  The last time a ‘town meeting’ was called, the greatest controversy since the town was chartered made its explosive presence known.  Recently defeated board member Chris Jones, her fellow candidate for the board in the following election Tom Leonard, and their preferred city clerk candidate Chuck Rhon, gathered at the town hall on November 9th of 2020, set to basically end the Town of Linn as everyone knows it and place the area under county control, supervision and operation

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Front Page, March 24, 2021

The Town of Linn election is rushing upon Geneva Lake, on April 6th, to be exact.  Not just rushing upon Town of Linn, but the lake itself, as the waters around the lake have become more contiguously brought together through the years.  What happens in the Town of Linn can affect all the communities adjacent to the lake, as well as what happens on a good bit of the property around it, and even the body of water itself.

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Front Page, January 6, 2021

The great meeting, generated by the threat of a ‘nuclear explosion’ coming to near critical mass in the Town of Linn back on November 17, 2020, was held on Monday night, at the Linn firehouse.  The meeting followed an even larger meeting held back in December when it was discovered by the citizens of Town of Linn that two women had gotten together to lay a giant political bear trap at the annual ‘electors’ meeting held in November.  

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Front Page, December 23, 2020

Four hundred.  The chips were down, the cards ready to be turned, and a loss against even a weakened and mentally disadvantaged enemy could have cost Town of Linn, the Town of Linn.  But they came. The four hundred.  The annual meeting that was held on December 17th, 2020, the one in which two of the city’s board members showed up in the audience to send sycophants and minions forward to offer resolutions, had led to the potential loss of the powers of the township itself to this small, but quiet and prosperous cabal of co-conspirators.

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Front Page, April 10, 2019

No sooner does Jim Weiss win re-election to the position of President of the Town of Linn Board, then he becomes the main player in the resolution of the Starry Stonewort problem. The problem of what to do about the initial appearance of this potentially invasive species in Geneva Lake’s pristine pure water, and all else that goes with that, has been partially solved.

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