Frank Lettenberger, attorney at law.  And what an attorney.  This man has been in the criminal defense business since the Great War (that would be the Invasion of Grenada) and fighting the nefarious forces of hopeful justice located in Walworth County ‘Offices of Integrity.’

Frank has decided to take justice into his own hands, as being a criminal defense attorney in Walworth County can be beyond stressful (think of Mel Brooks in High Anxiety).  Frank is running for the judgeship of Williams Bay.  Frank would be a fabulous choice for being a judge as he is so smart, so experienced and knows the system inside and out.

There is only one flea in that soothing ointment, however.

He knows too much.

How are self-respecting traffic scofflaws (Geneva Shore Report editors and X-Files investigators come instantly to mind) supposed to have a fair shot at weaving a decently constructed web of lies to avoid punishment?

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