The Bright Side or Not So Bright Side

The GSR staff would like to take the opportunity to remember the best Nicknames of those more infamous personalities around the lake. Those that have been christened with a nickname are truly loved by the GSR staff and meant in the spirit of fun.


Here are our top 10 from 2016:

  1. “Mr. Darth Vader” Dennis Jordan
  2. Dan “Bring your Piggy Bank” Winkler
  3. Hellmoor—Hillmoor
  4. Dennis “I’m Not Here or There Anymore” Jordan
  5. Dan “The Don” Draper
  6. “Gun fighter and City Administrator” Utah “Blaine” Oborn
  7. “Cordite” Bob Kordus
  8. Donald “McDonald” Trump
  9. Mr. Ken “Lighten Up Francis” Robers
  10. Scott “Donald Trump Kicked My Butt” Walker

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