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The South Lake Shore Drive automobile accident near BigFoot Beach.
Visitors took a hit on Saturday, when a woman driving a car at slow speed struck two children in the crosswalk, where it leads over the road from the beach to the State Park. One of the children had to be flown by Flight for Life to a hospital in Milwaukee to save his life. Traffic crashes and accidents are going to happen over time. But when they involve pedestrians being hit by automobiles, and when those pedestrians are children, then everyone needs to take a closer look at what happened. The driver was not releasing her statement about what the likely cause of the accident was, but there is little doubt that inattentiveness, for whatever reason, had something to do with it. Something else that should be considered is the lack of overpasses or underpasses for pedestrians to use to get from the beach to the park, and vice versa. There has been plenty of discussion over the years about moving the road inland and making the entire area into a yacht harbor. There would be no road to drive and enjoy the remarkable scenery (the only road so exposed to that degree of closeness and intimacy with the lake water itself). There would be no beach. There would be more people with boats. Pedestrian safety would be improved, just as safety is improved by simply staying home and not entering a car.

What is to be gained when it comes to the general public being allowed, and even encouraged, to take advantage of those things Geneva Lake offers that are still free. Swimming on most of the other beaches around the lake costs seven dollars per person, or more. Who came up with that kind of nasty idea, in the first place? But here it is, a part of the Geneva Lake Protective Association of not-so-nice beach collectors. The last thing that needs to happen because of this accident is for the general public to throw in with the “special high” class yachters to get rid of the road, and reduce the ambiance the public is allowed to enjoy for nothing at all except a good time. The children injured were two young boys seven and three years old. The three-year-old was flown to the hospital, but released on Tuesday morning to his parents. Neither child was accompanied by a parent for the crossing.

There was no alcohol involved in the accident, and the Town of Linn Police Department made it to the scene for traffic control right after Lake Geneva’s extremely fast police response team got there to take care of everyone.

Crosswalk on South Lakeshore Drive

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