The Bright Side

The Muck Suck event may have cancelled, but myTeam Triumph celebrated Memorial Day at Library Park anyway.
Christian, the leader of Team Triumph, the neat charitable outfit behind the event, was there with his twin sister and his lovely expressive mom. It was raining outside and the morning was cold, but the warmth of many people overpowered the elements. Some of the team’s handicap vehicles were on display and it was unbelievable to see how far technology has come in the creation of special bikes and chairs for those who can’t ride regular ones. It was also fun to learn more about myTeam Triumph and all the good work they are doing. The Geneva Shore Report has promised to freely advertise and support myTeam Triumph, and it is doing so because of what they do and what the people who run it stand for. It’s inspiring to be part of something that offers brilliant solutions to problems that often overwhelm people when they are at their weakest.

myTeam Triumph


The Wisconsin Veteran’s ‘Outpost’ is coming. Ryan Lonergan and Danny Zientek are the two guys working to bring the ‘Outpost’ to Lake Geneva…to be the next organization to test the new understandings that have come about with respect to the proscriptive easement around the lake known as the shore path. Mr. Lonergan works for the Wisconsin Veteran’s Administration up in Lacrosse, and Mr. Zientek works for the Lake Geneva Fire Department. These men, representing themselves as veterans, are hoping to bring in as many veterans to walk around the lake as they can. On one man’s site the discussion was about two thousand, although the park permit to organize stipulated only a hundred and fifty.

Also, on the Facebook site they established for the race identity, there is a video in which running around the lake was openly discussed. These two alleged veterans claim that the GSR got that wrong because the reporters and investigators took the video commentary and video itself out of context. The complaint they sent to the GSR about that almost totally mimicked a lyrical sequence in the movie The Wizard of Oz, wherein the man behind the curtain was enjoining the protagonists to not pay attention to him, but rather just listen to the voice of the projected image. The image with the smoke and mirrors, and what the man was saying, was the real message. At least that’s the message the Geneva Shore Report got. What are these people up to, and who are they really? Nobody seems to know. It should be an interesting event no matter what happens on June 10th. The GSR will be there.

New Business

Twelfth and Brown Lake Geneva

PLACE…. Twelfth & Brown at 729 Main Street. You may think this is only a women’s apparel store, decorated nicely, when you walk in, but you can actually purchase the decor off the walls and shelves along with jewelry, accessories, and gifts. This is Sharon’s first store and, tapping into her family history, she decided to call it Twelfth & Brown after her great, great, great grandfather’s first store in Chicago



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