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Jim Weiss is the person in charge of Town of Linn, sitting high on his dais at town hall in a place called Zenda.
His titles serving Town of Linn include both Town Chairman and Chair of the Planning Commission. He’s been an outstanding leader for the small, but very wealthy and influential community. Under his leadership BigFoot Beach was saved and a damaging property development on the water’s edge was prevented from going in. The fire boat came on line under Jim’s leadership, as well. So what is Jim doing other than leading Town of Linn? Previously, he owned and ran a very successful pizza operation across the Illinois line, but no more. He sold that business and decided to spend all of his time north of that questionable Illinois border. He applied to Williams Bay and was selected as that community’s city administrator recently. Say what? That is correct, Jim is right this minute considering whether he can serve two masters or not. Town of Linn property directly abuts the border of Williams Bay property. Williams Bay leadership has indicated that it has no problem with Jim Weiss being their city administrator and Town of Linn’s Town Chairman. But what about Town of Linn taxpayers, residents, employees and visitors (which might be construed to include absent property owners)?   Is Town of Linn not a veritable City of Troy waiting to see just what that wooden horse sitting outside the gate might be holding?   Such comparisons as that one will not escape any seasoned citizen following local political maneuvering. What is going on? What is Weiss going to do? Losing his leadership in Town of Linn, except for the pesky and snotty issue of Susan Polyock being downgraded to Building Janitor III status (actually Susan’s job has been apportioned off simply because the woman has done the right thing, each and every time the right thing was called for), is kind of out of the question. He has been a gifted leader. But what is going to happen the first time there is a conflict with respect to adjoining properties? Is the risk worth taking? And if such a conflict were to arise, and there haven’t been any in known memory, then which way would Jim Weiss lean? Does the administrative head of an adjoining town trump being town chairman in the other place?

Last year Susan Polyock’s job was cut in half. That occurred in the rather unusual democratic meeting that Town of Linn holds once a year. Citizens get to attend the meeting (the last one was last evening), bring up things near and dear to their hearts, and then actually vote (and have their votes count) and see if they can raise enough interest in the room to pass their measure. Very interesting way to run a small town area. This meeting only occurs once a year and is not well advertised. Will Susan’s job be rejoined, as many citizens’ are discussing? The Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigators will be on hand to witness the results of that special meeting, but the results won’t make it into print until next week’s issue hits the streets.

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