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Yes, this new Wisconsin Senate Bill is all about you, even though you may have no intent or reason to think it might have something to do with you.  Politics is another word this culture uses when discussing the selection of its leaders.  Your, and my leaders.  These leaders, proffering this bill, three currently sitting senators, and 17 members of the House of Representatives, all republicans, are offering this bill up for its first reading.  They submitted the bill only a few days ago.

What’s it about?  It’s all about the same kind of legislation put forth in other republican-dominated states that have voted on and even passed similar bills intended to criminalize almost all forms of protest.  They intend to do this, if you read the fine print of this complex presentation of violating first and fourth amendments to the U.S. Constitution, by turning the definition of protestor into rioter.  Any damage to any property that occurs during a protest, any movements by anyone involved in the protest to block traffic, any threats made that might indicate coming violence…all these would change the protest into a riot and allow for the arrest of everyone there, no matter what they did or did not do, and then proceed to charge those so apprehended, or hunted down, and charge them with the threat of lengthy prison sentences, high fines and much more.

Those blocking traffic would be treated the same as: “anyone running out into the traffic on freeways gets what is deserved,” and that kind of talk has come from several of the backers of this awful piece of legislation.  It would appear, from the reading of the bill, that these conservative right-wingers have no idea at all that there has been a whole lot of their own kind of protests, with the Proud Bois and other organizations like them staging and participating in their own riots.

The bill, Senate Bill 296, does not mention race, although that may have been unwise, since so many protestors may be mass executed by drivers from the other political side that feel empowered by the idiocy put into this legal offering.  The root of the problem, and you should see this as a problem, since it violates so much of the constitution, and therefore your rights and those of so many other citizens are not the writing,  is the fact that it is being pushed through by the same assortment of gerrymandered republicans who have been running Wisconsin for some time.  This state voted to elect a democratic governor and then a democratic president and vice-president.  The overall support of the people is flagrantly laid right there in front of everyone.  But the sheer number of republicans running both houses of Wisconsin legislatures is something to behold.  It’s not even close.  20 senator’s republican to 12 democratic.  60 house members as opposed to 38 democrats.

Really? We mean, really?  How has this been allowed to happen?  How did the representation of so much of Wisconsin get flushed right down some swirling conservative drain?  There is probably no question to those reading this issue of the publication, which the paper leans left, pretty far left, but if you find that offensive, maybe you should consider why?  This distribution of supposed representatives creates awful laws that have little chance of being defeated.

Senate Bill 296 is one of those bills.  Kill people because they’re in the road?  Since when did that traffic offense come with capital punishment and immediate execution the result?  What happened to the Republican Party that has caused so much pain for this nation?  Not believe in vaccinations?  What basal stupidity.  No masks or distancing, more flagrant exhibitions of stupidity.  But, however ridiculous their non-scientific approach to life is, these men and women are sure well-heeled enough and nasty enough to control many states, if not the House and Senate nationally.  They control 61 of the chambers of both house and congress across the USA, while the democrats control only 37.  It happens by cheating.  It happens when good men and women do nothing.  Wisconsin has a great big elephant, who’s not sitting in the living room.  He’s sitting in the middle of both the Wisconsin House and Senate chambers.

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