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What’s happening with this recusal process being observed, as Dick Malmin’s disorderly conduct charge is flitted about from the Lake Geneva court, where the judge there (who knows Dick) recused, so the case was sent to Genoa City where the judge there also recused himself. God knows where Dick Malmin will be carted off to in order to find out if he’s going to have to pay a fine or serve time in the county jail. There will be no letting Dick Malmin off, or him getting away with that not guilty thing.

This is Walworth County, and in spite of what locals might think, Walworth County has one of the highest incarceration rates in the nation.

Speaking of recusal…recusal means withdrawing from a case or a situation because of some kind of intimacy with the person being the judge, or the situation being decided upon. Generally, like in Dick Malmin’s case, if the judges are recusing (because they know and like you) then the chances for getting leniency go right out the window with the recusals. Somewhere down the line a Judge Roy Bean, the original hanging judge, will be waiting.

What about the Lake Geneva City Counsel member named Flower? She’s a great woman, and has done a credible job serving the city as an alderperson. But now her husband has been selected to be the temporary replacement for the Lake Geneva Building Inspector (who went off in the middle of the night). How can Flower make any decisions on anything for any business where her husband is also making decisions with respect to enforcement and interpretation of city ordinances? It’s not possible for her to participate, so she must recuse herself. Will she?

There are other participants in the city’s nepotistic pool of employees. The best city clerk Lake Geneva has ever had is married, and her husband works for the city in the street department. There’s no conflict there because a city clerk does not make representative decisions, and the street department doesn’t do enforcement or interpretations of city ordinances.

But, and it is a big but, if a citizen is serving in a decision-making position that effects other citizens, businesses and/or involves anything about approval for projects or obedience to city ordinances, then that citizen has no business at all in doing anything but recusing themselves, if a spouse is sitting in another position able to influence that same decision.

The other issue is: why can’t outside employees be found to fill city employment situations? What seems to be the problem? The city’s pay is not out of order with that of other similarly sized communities located within the state of Wisconsin. The benefit package, including health, disability, life insurance and retirement contributions is extremely attractive, and quite lucrative over time.

The city should be batting away qualified applicants and not supposedly forced to hire family members of existing employees because it just can’t seem to find any outsiders to take a job. Somebody in the city administration is lying like hell about the employment situation.

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