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Agenda Item #10 on the Plan Commission meeting for August 15, 2016 was extremely vague.
It read: “Public Hearing and recommendation on zoning text amendment for Section 98-206 commercial land uses” and the public notice for the item was issued on July 29th, and it was equally vague. Section 98-206 is fifty-five pages long and section (4) Commercial Land Uses is ten pages long and contains 19 separate categories from animal boarding to vehicle repair and from a bed & breakfast to sexually-oriented Land use. So what is the secret change in text and what was it for?
The current ordinance bans tattooing except for the two places that have been grandfathered in, and by limiting any new tattooing place to High Industrial (HI) zoning areas (of which there are none in the City of Lake Geneva) thus new tattooing place are effectively banned. The change to be discussed was not a single proposed change, but about discussing and selecting one of several proposed changes that came from a non-public meeting (not at all legal) in which the tattooing issue was discussed. Based on the reference to the non-public meeting, it would have occurred after the public notice, it added an option after the public notice.

At the end of the planning commission discussion on Monday night, two residents spoke up and objected to the vagueness of the public notice and the agenda item and that the public notice and the agenda item should have included a reference of the change to the subject matter. After the public comments, Mayor Alan Kupsik, at the advice of the city attorney “Small Ball” Draper, announced that the planning commission will reissue the public notice and hold another public hearing, with discussion, at the next meeting.

So if you want to comment about changing the city’s ordinance on tattooing to permit this practice, or specifying where a person may or may not get a tattoo, then consider attending the next Plan Commission meeting on the 3rd Monday of September at 6:30 pm at city hall. The whole issue of tattooing restrictions is hypocritical and archaic. A person can have all kinds of cosmetic surgery up to and including changing sexual identity in this day and age, but in Lake Geneva? The city of Lake Geneva (or very right wing conservative elements within it) want to have a serious influence on where a person can get or have a tattoo. Perhaps there should be a warning sign for tourists entering the City of Lake Geneva, “This is Lake Geneva, set your clocks back 50 years.”

Tattooing is not something that is done to demonstrate disagreement with the current system of government, or to show how different from normal the person getting one really is. In the current era tattooing is done for branding, display, entertainment and fun. Television and the Internet are filled with all type of people wearing all kinds of tattoos. One only has to take a quick look at the coverage of the current Olympics to see that. Gold medal winners with tattoos outnumber those who have none. Mayor Kupsik is right again. The “Straight Arrow” mayor continues his unbroken string of well thought out decisions in placing this issue squarely in front of the public. Mayor Kupsik also shows up. Down at the dog beach when problems arose…there he was. At the piers…there he was. At the park problem…there he was. Tattoos? There he is.

Mike Rasmussen, Ken Robers, Sabrina Waswo, Alan Kupsik, Sylvia Martinez-Mullally and Blaine Oborn. If this new crop of enlightened positive thinkers and performers do not vary from their current course of conduct then the Geneva Shore Report may have to go out of business, simply because the Lake Geneva Regional News advertisements could prove to be more interesting.

Another note….
The agendas, minutes and videos of Council and Planning meetings are a bit behind on the City’s website



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