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The private developers, none of them local, are making the coming election all about only two real issues, rather than the issue of candidate quality.
The two issues are called Hillmoor and BigFoot Beach. The citizens of Lake Geneva have spoken loudly and often about their wish that Hillmoor be kept as a protectorate for their use since so little open land is left within the city confines of Lake Geneva. They’ve also been adamant that South Lake Shore Drive, as it passes along the single open area along BigFoot Beach be left as is so that everyone can drive closely past the water and enjoy everything that wonderful view offers.

The Geneva Shore Report does not endorse candidates for political office, but it does offer predictions. If you want to be heavily in favor of the public getting control of the Hillmoor property and also keeping the road along BigFoot Beach intact as it is, then you only have one candidate for mayor you can vote for, and that’s Charlene Klein.

Here’s what Charlene Klein has to say about the issues and why you should vote for her:

“First, I have always believed that one should be involved in the community in which you reside, and I have done that ever since I moved here in 2003. Second, I want to preserve the high quality of life that we have here in Lake Geneva for ALL of the citizens and maintain its unique, charming atmosphere, the very reason that so many of us were attracted to this city.
I am committed to listening to the concerns of our community and hearing from the citizens in every district. And I will also commit to researching and resolving the issues that come before me and the council with integrity and forethought. Hallmarks of my administration would be:

*Uphold our Comprehensive Plan and Protect property values.

*Preservation of the Hillmoor Golf Course for use by the community, possible new location for the YMCA, Great cities deserve Great Parks! Let’s Save Hillmoor for our Community!

*Accountability – Responsible Stewardship of Your Tax Dollars, Review our Budget and hold the line on unnecessary spending to reduce your tax burden.

*Add to our economy – Work with our Economic Development Commission to attract companies with good-paying jobs.

*Address issues of Public Safety – 100 % Support of our Police force and Fire department.

* Economic Progress for the city while maintaining our unique charm and small-town atmosphere.

*Increased hours of FREE parking for residents so they can take advantage of all our city has to offer, including Library and Cultural programming.

* Increase communication between city hall and residents, utilize the talented “human resources” we have to develop new, as well as enhance existing, programming, such as our relationship with the YMCA.

*Support our downtown merchants, a successful economy means success for our city!

*Protect the integrity of our neighborhoods.

*Work with our Historic Preservation Commission and the State Historical Society as we plan for the renovation of the iconic Riviera building and the financing of that project.

*Support legislation to institute new city financing options.

*Infrastructure – Develop a 5-year schedule for road and alleyway maintenance

*Work to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods with a regulation of Vacation rentals within the law.”

Spring Primary Election is February 20th and polls are open from 7:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.


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