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What a load of bad smelling poppycock the Lake Geneva Utility Department and the State of Wisconsin Public Utility Commission is trying to dump right on Lake Geneva’s doorstep, while referring to this steaming pile as “environmental progress.”

There’s a ‘telephonic’ meeting scheduled for February 11, 2016 where some low-level and low-life functionary will supposedly sit with an answering machine set to “dissonant chatter” by his or her side. Picture a cigarette smoking character from a 1950’s B movie taking a call for all the good it will do citizens to call in and make a complaint. The telephonic public meeting was chosen as a venue in order to keep anyone from going “Oregon Postal” and taking over the Lake Geneva Municipal Building and holding state officials for ransom, if not worse.See my note about

Do you suppose the state or the local utility department has any understanding about just how pissed off the community is going to be if the fifty-five percent (55%) rate increase is approved? You bet they do. Hence the telephone line connected to the McMurdo Base down in Antarctica for complaints. The average temperature down there is appropriately fifty degrees below zero. “Cold as the driven snow” is an apt expression when it comes to officials in this “New Wisconsin,” including Lake Geneva, being sensitive to additional fees or increases.

Somehow new taxes are terrible, so no increases can be allowed (unless they are slipped in like the TIF taxes), but fees are simply grand. Fifty to one hundred percent increases are perfectly acceptable to levy on the public, and they are almost always levied by people who either don’t pay them or upon whom there is little impact. Lake Geneva city employees care little about parking fee increases for example because they park for free in the municipal lot across the street. Most employees also don’t live in Lake Geneva proper so there’s no impact from utility rate increases. No financial impact on them.

Mr. Dan “Bring Your Piggy Bank” Winkler makes a salary well above a hundred thousand dollars a year, and if you include his benefit package, well above a hundred and fifty thousand. What impact would one suppose he might suffer from this coming fifty-five percent increase in utility rates? And does any citizen living, driving or walking around the center of Lake Geneva not see some sort of weird connection to a head of a utility department, who’s window overlooks the nearby highway proceeding, to put a useless center line down that highway unless there is more to the story?

Who’s going to be contracted in another of these closed (the Piggy Bank receives all the sealed Bids) Winkler? In the end is it going to be Winkler Masonry out of Racine? In who’s end? When the bathrooms were built for the skateboard park for a half a million city bucks the equipment brought in was adorned with Winkler imprints. Yes, the city spent a ton on bathrooms for skateboarders and then went ahead and built a complex for sales stalls and kiosks that never did any business. Winning bids in Lake Geneva are selected on the basis of price and at arm’s length. Mr. Winkler successfully claimed that the equipment that showed up at the building site of the skateboard bathrooms was from a Winkler company he was not affiliated with.

He was telling the truth. His relatives own the company.

Pulling Wool over Eyes Lake Geneva

Who’s going to win the highway bid that nobody knew about? Two of the city council members who were given this new proposal, (to be paid with unauthorized TIF #4 funds, of course), had never heard anything about it or seen anything until they were forced to vote. Only one thing can be assured for Lake Geneva readers of the Geneva Shore Report; the “winning” bidder on this new uselessly expensive road project will appear in the paper, and some very minute and careful consideration will be applied by GSR X-Files investigators.

There’s a phone number to call on the

11th of February at 2:00 p.m.

You can give the State of Wisconsin a piece of your mind about this issue.

Go ahead.

Make your own day.



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