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Normally, the Geneva Shore Report sticks pretty closely to local items to report on, and this article is one that is as local as any while it seems to be distant or national in nature.

The new administration came hammering into office, riding on the coattails of two solid and basic policies.  Those policies were going to be immediate, if not instant, help for those in the middle of this economic nightmare we are all living in, and a million vaccinations a day until the population gains “herd immunity.”  All of a sudden, however, the big fat cow of a story becomes, once again, all about Donald Trump and his coming impeachment. It’s like the man never left. Instead of hiding out in the White House he merely went to hiding out in his resort in Florida…but, in the meantime, those two vital items that were to be the top of every agenda in Washington have been sidelined without anybody saying they’ve been sidelined.  Where are the mass manufacture, transport, and delivery of the vaccines? There are now three viable vaccines out there with another coming online this week.  The Veterans Administration, and other big medical operations, blare out reports of five hundred people being vaccinated here or five hundred there.

Oh please.  The VA in Milwaukee took three days, God knows how many employees and twenty percent of its hospital facility to vaccinate 1500 veterans.  How many tens of thousands of vets does that place treat for all other conditions?  There is trouble in River City and bigger trouble is going to rise up if the national agenda does not shift away from spending all the time selecting committee members, cabinet members and getting confirmations.  The public does not give one tinker damn about those things, and most of the public does not care much at all about the seemingly “slam the gate after the horse has escaped” kind of thinking about impeachment.  There are a bunch of senators who make millions every year and live in the lap of luxury, living in chateaus around the land, but NOT in the workplace.  All those aristocratic people now have more security personnel than most of us have in our extended families.  The one thing this Congress must come to understand is that they must deliver.  This is a trying time, maybe the most trying time of any young person’s life.  We are in a bitter battle and the plains of the barren surround us.

Joe Biden seems like a really nice man and there’s no doubt he’s a heck of a lot smoother and adaptive than his predecessor, but can he deliver?  Can he assemble the many teams of people lit takes to deliver?  Trump could not.  The wall will stand as a failed edifice defining his inability to bring the country together.  In fact, the country has never been more polarized or divided following his tenure.  Whatever anyone’s feelings are about the man, the raw facts leftover from analyzing that last four years are not complimentary about him.  Can Joe Biden get it?  Can the new senate get it?  American’s fed up with being lied to time after time and also at watching mega billionaires’ parade around while they struggle in near tatters while eating whatever crumbs might be overlooked by the wealthy.  There’s no school.  There’s little in the way of sports.  There’s little in the way of restaurants or coffee shops.

The stimulus and the vaccines are the way out.  There is light at the end of that tunnel if the people can get their elected and appointed representatives to look up from doing their own little deals and paying attention to junk that’s simply garbage to the rest of us.

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