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The great meeting, generated by the threat of a ‘nuclear explosion’ coming to near critical mass in the Town of Linn back on November 17, 2020, was held on Monday night, at the Linn firehouse.  The meeting followed an even larger meeting held back in December when it was discovered by the citizens of Town of Linn that two women had gotten together to lay a giant political bear trap at the annual ‘electors’ meeting held in November.

With the December meeting, because of the careful and wise guidance of Board Chairman Jim Weiss, the assembled members of the Town of Linn board decided to legally analyze the situation and hold another annual meeting on the 4th of January.  Chris Jones, a board member running against Maureen Zimmerman in the spring to keep her job, along with fellow board member (Kathy Leigh, not up for re-election in 2021) had submitted three resolutions that would have basically ended the Town of Linn, forced it to be run by Walworth County, and driven the board down to three little paid members if the county ever allowed Town of Linn to reform.

Chris Jones and Kathy Leigh no doubt planned on being the two members of that re-invented board, who would then run all business of the Town, unless, in the meantime, another larger, more organized community entity nearby annexed what was left of the town.  The 4th of January was a big day and a big night.  The meeting started at 7:00 pm. and ran until 9:40 pm.   It was a tough, long meeting where the readings of arcane codes and ordinances had to be endured until it came time to vote. There were 107 residents attending in person and about a hundred online.  The vote on the first of the awful Jones/Leigh resolutions failed by a vote of 158 to 6.  The second, nearly as awful resolution, then failed by a vote of 136 to 0.  Chris and Kathy didn’t even stand up to vote for their own resolutions!  They, and their minions present, wanted an anonymously written ballot vote, but the public, the attorney, and the rest of the town board would have none of that.

When one of the ‘resolution’ people attempted to add an amendment to the first resolution to arrive at that end, it failed by a vote of 155 to 3.  The publisher of the Geneva Shore Report, while the voting was being laboriously conducted (everyone had to be certified as being a bona fide elector, especially those coming in online), leaned down on the tabletop separating Chris Jones and Kathy Leigh, and asked them a question: “Why did you start all this?’  Kathy Leigh turned away, but Chris Jones replied: “To get everyone here.  Look out there and see all the people.  They are now participating in their local government.”  It was a shocking answer, as the people assembled, both in-person and online, had been forced to attend, and were angry, while, at the same time, scared that they might lose their town.

Might it be too much to ask that the people who spent all those hours saving their town from the likes of Chris Jones and Kathy Leigh vote for Maureen Zimmerman to replace Chris in the coming election?  Maureen is a very bright woman who has served well on the plan commission for some time.  She’s also got a lot of class, and there’s no way she would ever do what these two women did, nor risk the community so substantially and flagrantly.  The community should always be in a position to honor and thank their leaders, and not have to show up in winter conditions, night after night during a pandemic, to save the community from them.  The community came through on Monday, which was wonderful to be a part of.  Now it’s time to come through again and get ready to vote in April. Vote Chris Jones right back to her farm.

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