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The Geneva Shore Report owes an apology to Bridget Leech, the events coordinator for Lake Geneva Country Meats.  Last week the city council met to decide whether or not the pop-up events, sponsored by a non-profit, and supported by Lake Geneva Country Meats, could be held in Lake Geneva with the addition of temporary liquor permits for their use.  The city council voted to ‘kick the can down the road’ on deciding that issue.

One of the city council members indicated that the reason the liquor licenses were not approved was because Bridget Leech had mistakenly signed the permit applications instead of the appropriate authority member of the non-profit operation.  Well, that city council member’s word went unchecked through a series of inexcusable errors committed by the staff of the GSR… and that very same lack of critical reporting went all the way to the top level of the publication’s ownership.

Bridget Leach, the wonderful former director of the Business Improvement District, and now most excellent events coordinator for Lake Geneva Country Meats, did not sign the application form in error.  She didn’t sign it at all. Her name was written in print higher up on the application’s first page, but that was it.  It appeared, from the tenor and tone of the article last week, that Ms. Leech was trying to ‘pull one over’ on the city, and the city council in particular.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  Ms. Leech continued the tradition she has built for herself in the community in and around Lake Geneva.  She conducted herself with analytically correct acumen and with completely transparent conduct, and with honor.

The “Our Place” article details the story about what happened at the meeting and what the results were.  Hopefully, once it has been read and analyzed by those who were there and involved, it will be deemed to be considerably more accurate than the version that was written the week before.  The Business Improvement District will meet again on the day this issue comes out.  Bridget Leech did wonders for that organization and it was great fun and also very instructive to attend the meetings that she put on.  At the time she was working with the BID, the editorial staff of the GSR was actually writing about how the nature and the application of conduct at the BID meetings could and should be taken as an example to all the other organs of city government that were meeting and attempting to make sense out of some things, where sense does not seem to be something others can sometimes see or understand without a considerable amount of instruction and interpretation.  Bridget Leech was able to bring that kind of instruction and interpretation to those meetings, as she is no doubt doing for the company that was wise enough to hire her away.

The Geneva Shore Report prides itself on not making the kind of ‘character assassinating’ mistake that it did last week with respect to the conduct of Bridget Leech.  Bridget is a jewel in the crown of the Geneva Lake region and her place is, to this point in all of our lives, pretty much unassailably great.  Our apologies are extended without reservation, and it is hoped that Bridget and her family will accept those apologies as they are most sincerely made.

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