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No, that’s not his real name.
His real name is Santa Claus, or at least it’s the name he prefers to be called by children during the winter months. He has a wonderful beard and comportment and kids come up all the time to him around the middle of December to ask him if he’s the real deal. He’s not. He is neither Robin Hood, taking from the rich to give to the poor, nor Santa Claus, giving to everyone. Giving does not appear to have anything to do with this huge Lake Geneva supporter of offshore corporations. The very same philosophy he has used to build offshore operations sucking quality jobs out of the U.S. and into China is the philosophy he is using back here in Lake Geneva. I want what I want when I want it and the heck with you, might best describe it. But that would be okay under almost any circumstance except when this attitude is turned into favoring the wants of the one over the wants of others around.

Mr. Gary Millette is trying to build a pier in front of his home, located on Wrigley Drive and right out from the smidgen of a park called Baker Park. Even if he gets permission from the planning commission to build his pier it would be dwarfed by the piers extending out from the home of ‘Santa Claus’ nearby. Santa has every right to complain about whatever Gary wants to build. He’s the neighbor. Since he’s not Robin Hood and does not act in any way like the mythical Mr. Claus, that’s okay too, except for the rather blatant obvious inclusion of his complaint letter against Gary’s next door pier being printed in the Lake Geneva Plan Commission documents handed out to commission members in order to help them evaluate Gary’s request. That complaint sits there as an exceptional little complaint because complaints are not usually included in the commission packet. In fact, the Geneva Shore Report cannot find an example of such inclusion occurring back in the past.

Why is “Santa” being favored over all others? Is it his great obvious wealth? Is it his membership in the good old boy’s club of Lake Geneva (currently being disassembled by retirements, old age and public disapproval)? The answers to those questions remain unknown and it’s no more likely that “Santa” is going to talk than it is that Dennis Jordan is going to talk about his ridiculous chairmanship of the ‘death to organic’ conservancy operation or Dan Winkler is going to fess up about how he managed to take a utility department running happily in the black for years into virtual bankruptcy before he was done.

Who are these people, anyway and how do they pull of their little maneuvers served up with power-broker ploys funded with rich men’s toys? They do it by pulling stunts out of public view. They do it by pulling off stunts that are not apparent until the results of the stunts are built or erected, or part of the fabric of the community is eroded away or simply torn asunder. Is Gary Millette trying to build a pier in violation of existing codes? It does not appear so. Is Gary Millette running against a neighbor who’s a whole lot more connected, moneyed and well versed in accompanying other players of his power and ilk? You better believe it. What will the planning gurus of Lake Geneva do with this situation? So far, they’ve continued pushing on into the future for many months. If they approve of the pier will Gary simply raise the price of his house, sell it and then move on to another geographic location?
Does it matter?


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