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The City of Lake Geneva is having organizational problems.  Have you noticed?  The new trees they’ve put in, to replace the more developed trees they took out because ‘they were getting too big,’ are twigs, and an example of what happens in the downtown was perfectly illustrated when one was snapped off at its base on Broad Street last weekend. What are these ‘baby trees’ supposed to replace?  Real trees, that had grown to some good bit of maturity.

The city has a street department, under the auspices of the department of public works.  The city has an arborist.  The city has all sorts of people supposedly educated in taking care of the city’s ambiance. So, what happened?  Nobody knows.  Call city hall.  Good luck with that.

How about the new agreement that the city would have the bathrooms open at all times down in the redeveloped Riviera Pier complex?  Going about as well as the snapped-off tree on Broad Street!  The bathrooms remained locked all weekend.  There was nobody to call because it was the weekend, of course.

So, what’s going on in the City of Lake Geneva?   Nobody knows.  The city pier was taken down, the city prepared for the coming of winter, but is it really?  The beach is closed, or rather shut down for the collection of fees.  Still nice to go down to that small stretch and enjoy the birds and the lack of people occupying it.  There’s no city cleanup of the debris leftover from the summer, however, so that mess will probably remain through the winter months.

The city prepares for snow removal, as all parking becomes free to anyone who wants to hang about and park.  The city has been overcome on weekends with shoppers.  They remain mostly indoors, as the temperature and wind have been most discomforting for anyone out and exposed.  That’s great for the small businesses but portending hard times for the street department.  The first snow falling, that will collect on the streets and sidewalks, has yet to fall.  The street department is getting ready for that first ‘real’ snowfall, and what that will mean for the visiting public and the owners and operators of downtown Lake Geneva businesses.  How that’s going to go this year remains undetermined, although the Business Improvement District and city leaders will be watching closely and, no doubt, commenting when the white stuff is being collected and cleared away.

The BP gas station on Highway 50 (Main Street down toward Walgreens) is set to open over the next few weeks.  The Dunkin Donuts aspect of the place, the Subway built-in, and the rest of it takes shape and it’s going to be quite the destination.  Traffic will not be impacted much until next summer, but Lake Geneva can get set to endure more vehicular snarls once the summer visitors return.

The impact of the virus has been evident in how many visitors come to Lake Geneva every weekend, regardless of the time change or the weather.  The town is full every weekend, although not with what used to be people walking around and enjoying the lake and all the adjacent sights.  Now the city is full of dedicated shoppers, and the free parking through most of the winter is only going to encourage these visitors. The city has been consistently informed about the closed and locked bathrooms.  The other problems endemic to the town’s operations will have to be dealt with by citizens coming forth at city council meetings to note them and complain about degraded performance in these areas and the GSR, of course.


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