Another point made at the recent Monday night Lake Geneva City Council meeting-
“Subject: Discussion/Action on limited issuance of credit cards to Department Heads and members of the BID (Lake Geneva’s Business Improvement District) board.”

This from Utah Blaine himself, obviously not after studying what happened when his predecessor Dennis (Dark Side) Jordan did the same, and Lake Geneva acquired more personal possessions than anyone was able to explain: “I am requesting credit cards for the new administrator, city clerk, and assistant public works director to replace cards issued to their predecessors. The Events Coordinator for the BID is also in need of a credit card to purchase event supplies. The limits requested are $2,000 each. I am confident that controls are in place to ensure only proper usage. Also, credit card usage will often reduce purchase prices, thus saving money to the City.”

There is no disaster likely to occur when these cards land on the desks of all these people, anymore than an asteroid is likely to impact the earth and destroy our species like what happened to the dinosaurs. But, the city’s previous experience with employees and executives having direct access to city cash (credit card transactions are much like cash today, as the money is instantly withdrawn from the bank account backing the card) has been anything but good. Lake Geneva is not the only town that’s experienced rampant credit card outrages.

In California one city clerk charged up over a hundred thousand dollars of personal expenses to the town card before it was discovered. She went to jail, but the money was never recovered. What is Utah Blaine doing? Is this part of on-the-job- training gone south? Why hasn’t Utah consulted with any of Lake Geneva’s local bankers? If he had, he’d have received the advice that has become the mantra throughout the banking business over the last eight years: “You’re not getting the loan, the credit, or the card, but we’ll allow you to pay us one percent interest on whatever funds you deposit.”
Two-thousand-dollar limit?
On what?
Cash withdrawals?
Per day, per week, per month or what? Is the accounting going to be done like it was under “mired in misery” Jordan?

Under him no receipts were ever produced for public analysis from credit card companies, and instead hand written receipts were ‘transcribed’ from the printed ones. Who would bother to hand-transcribe credit card receipts? Only, and repeat that word, only those wanting to make absolutely certain that there would be no chance at all that actual charges made would be reported for anyone to see. Now add this caveat, this convenient, quiet and ridiculous extra. Cards are to be issued to certain employees of the Business Improvement District.

The District is no more part of the City of Lake Geneva than the Greater Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce is. Both of these entities have taxes collected by the city and then given to them. Both of these entities are distinctly separate from Lake Geneva, and the city exercises absolutely no control over them unless such control is chosen to be awarded by them. Give outsiders Lake Geneva credit cards linked to the city’s general fund? Has Utah Blaine suddenly become a republican candidate for the presidency? This move on his part sure begins to look like the same kind of ‘logic’ coming out of the two leading candidates from that party, proving that either ignorance or simple-mindedness in today’s environment is much preferred to scientific results and common sense.

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