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December 17, 2020

This date will go down as one of the classically most important dates in the history of the Town of Linn.  One week back, the Town of Linn board met to conduct the state-mandated not knowing that annual meeting, not knowing that Chris Jones, Craig DeYoung, Kathy Leith, Doris Roan, and Charlie Roan (including their attorney) gathered a group of supposed residents to attend this once-a-year town meeting, wherein the amassed population can get together and change most any rule it feels like, that is either been passed and enacted in the past year or even before that.

This ‘cabal’ of protestors, who’ve been protesting for years, because it would appear that they don’t want to pay taxes at all and can’t stand anybody elected to the board who’s not one of them.  Their solution to changing everything in the Town of Linn, which is probably, above all other communities around the lake, the wealthiest and best quietly run center of population, was to stand up and pass one resolution after another in order to not only refuse to pay the current board members almost any money for their service but also to stop the board from having any power at all to do anything.

Putting forth those resolutions and, having figured out that almost nobody would show to the meeting because of the virus, the cabal happily voted on one silly resolution after another, self-destroying, in a bid to commit what they, in densely strange and very obviously dumb actions, no doubt considered a bid to return everyone living in the Town of Linn area back to some part of the Dark Ages. These people gave every appearance of having been catapulted through time from that dismal period.

Only two good things happened at that ridiculous outrage (but potentially very dangerous) of a meeting.  The Town Attorney broke in during the presentation of one resolution being brought to a drumhead vote.  On a point of order, he indicated that the resolution could NOT be voted on until more information was gathered and submitted.  The cabal bent to his wishes, not understanding that his recessing the annual town meeting, to be held in the future on December 17th of 2020, would allow many more real residents of the town to show up, and also quite likely vote down whatever these selfish ‘electors’ had voted in at the earlier meeting.

December 17th is going to be a very important day in the current and future history of the Town of Linn.

The second good thing that happened at the meeting was that one resident stood up and spoke about the fact that, although the city attorney was able to define what an actual elector was, in terms of residency and time of residency, he steadfastly refused to take responsibility for assuring that everyone attending and voting at the meeting met that the requirements of that definition.  The speaker then indicated that, to the best of his opinion, the entire collected crowd of people gathered behind him was not made up of residents, but was nothing more or less than a collection of street people visiting from Delavan.  Since there was no police authority, or any other authority, collecting information at the entrance to the meeting place in Trevor School, there was nothing anyone could say to overcome this blatant accusation of voter fraud, or at the very least, a collected commission of voter stupidity.

The meeting dissolved in bedlam, as arguments rose up from all sides of the gathered crowd; two people rushing forward to throw driver’s licenses at the speaker in order to prove that they were, indeed, residents.  Driver’s license information does not, of itself, however, reveal proof of all the requirements or the qualifications for being a voting elector at such an annual board meeting.

On December 17th there will be a meeting, like no other meeting in the history of the Town of Linn.  Look for the cabal, the police, the board, the media, and everyone else who has a concern, or merely wants to be entertained, to attend the show.

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