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Cully Pillman is a resident and property owner living in Town of Linn, just off of Hillside and Highway 120, running a tree farm and plant nursery. But what else is Cully Pillman doing that has created some very negative interest from his neighbors? He’s running a gun range that’s very close to many residential citizens and property owners in the same area. John Gury is one of them, and his complaints about the noise coming out of that gun range, permitted because anyone owning more than five acres of land in Town of Linn can, by ordinance, shoot whatever weapons he or she wants at any time, for any reason. Any weapon of any caliber or action, including cannons and other pyrotechnics.

Cully is on the Town of Linn Plan Commission, as well. He came to the attention of the Geneva Shore Report back in 2015, with a brain-damaged vote with respect to the comprehensive plan and the GSR wrote about him:

For those of you who don’t know, Cully is the gun guy who lives over on Highway 120 where it turns off the bypass to head down into Illinois. He runs a tree and plant nursery called Woodhill Farms. He also sits on the Town of Linn Planning Commission. On Monday night, in support of allowing the Geneva Inn to break open the town’s comprehensive plan like an egg dropped from a kitchen counter to the floor, the real Cully Pillman reared his head to inform the collected citizenry of the town that they were merely the “audience” to his committee’s show”.

When told by another more reasonable and rational committee member (Alex Palmer) that the collected citizens (over a hundred concerned residents showed up for the meeting hauling in over 400 signed petitions with them) that the people of Town of Linn appeared to be opposed to granting the plan, Cully said this: “I don’t care if I’m outvoted by a margin of fifty to one by these people, I can take the heat!”

Mr. Gury’s complaint has nothing to do with the comprehensive plan. It has to do with filing suit against Mr. Pillman and the Town of Linn, for allowing thousands of rounds to be shot off at Cully’s “open to the public” range on summer, and even winter, weekends. Mr. Gury feels that he must indicate on his home listing that the close, unsafe and loud gun range affects his property negatively, thereby decreasing its value. He wants to hold Mr. Pillman and the Town responsible, and quite likely he’s not wrong. That machine guns and cannons are allowed to be legally fired at the range is terrible, in this day and age, following so many mass shootings around the nation. In fact, if Mr. Pillman is allowing others not having the necessary credentials (license, federal permit, etc.) to even possess a full-on machine gun (Mr. Pillman fires .50 Caliber M2 and .30 Caliber fully automatic Browning’s), to fire it is to have that person subject to arrest and prosecution for one or more federal felonies. Mr. Pillman might fire those guns, but absolutely anyone else picking one up to fire it is a felony waiting to be applied under the law. That Mr. Pillman has his guns out and laying about on his property is also pretty rotten for the community.

The Army, Navy, and every other military service has reinforced armories to keep certain members of the public from possessing and using these truly murderous weapons. Machine gun firing and cannon firing must be banned from Town of Linn, and if that does not happen then lawsuits must be encouraged and even helped financed in holding Town of Linn responsible when it knows full well what is going on. There is trouble coming from this troubled man, Cully and his obsession (also enjoyed by others; a certain very small percentage of the population). It’s time to stop this and that trouble, and the likely lawsuits, from hurting everyone in the community.

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