One letter to the editor this week

Letter to the Editor: Before the Internet, and even before writing, there were songs that helped people remember events. Back when memory was stored in the brain, and not in a cloud, songs with their rhythm and rhyme were the best way to help maintain the accuracy of the memory and the retelling of an event with its emotions from generation to generation. However, the use of Songs has changed over time from helping to preserve history, to touching the spirit and preserving emotions. When heard weeks or years later, a song brings back the emotions and feelings associated with the song. Whether it is joy or sorrow, all it takes is just a few notes of the song to emotionally bring back and relive the feelings and thoughts of events associated with it. The same is true for holidays. Holidays, like old songs, bring back memories. Memories filled with emotions that were felt or experienced at the time of first hearing them, which makes tragic events or wonderful events, that may have occurred over holidays or are associated with them especially satisfying, or sometimes difficult for so many. Tears shed when alone, or occasionally with a close friend, show the depth of those feeling which can be both sad and wonderful. The sadness part can be diminished over time by slowly adopting the wonderful hopeful message of the holiday songs, and the spirit of Christmas itself. So with a tear and a smile, as Christmas goes by, remember that the sadness of the past is meant to be overcome by the happiness of the future. That’s what Christmas is all about. Terry O’Neill, former Lake Geneva Alderperson and current resident.

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