After sitting for one and a half hours listening to Williams, Platts, Ford and the development personnel, the committee realized that the agenda items were incorrectly stated. Monday night’s public hearing was suspended, until the proper meeting agenda and public hearing notice could be reissued. That reissue puts another public hearing on the agenda again in November. The application stated: “planned mixed use” while the planning commission agenda stated: “neighborhood mixed use.” Those two phrases may seem small inconsequential things, but in fact, in legal terms, they are not. Perhaps, in the end, it is the committee’s incompetency that might best serve the public interest in keeping Hillmoor from the wrecking ball. Terry O’Neill, former alderman, current activist and reporter for the GSR



In my haste to tell the story of the incompetence, and downright unjust behavior of Lake Geneva Police Officer Dennis Dyon, I got the date wrong about when he threatened me. It was February 8th. I went and checked my records, because he gave me a bunch of tickets on that day. The tickets all went away when someone with a brain saw them, but Officer Dyon is still around. Where is the police union when it comes to this kind of junk? Where is the police department’s internal affairs division, or is that only on television. This is not the last outrage this officer is going to be involved in. Is no one paying attention to some of the stories that pervade our television viewing about men like this? Is there no Wal-Mart parking lot that doesn’t need Mr. Dyon’s form of “security” late at night, rather than putting this damaged man out on patrol in our community? Where’s the Protect and Serve stuff?

Tom Pinkl, Lake Geneva resident, property and business owner

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