Letter to the Editor

Well, I really don’t know what to say about this response, except it is beyond time to address this problem that is happening on our not so private property. We pay an exorbitant amount in property taxes and maintenance on our properties and I for one am really tired of the constant flow of people walking through our yard everyday. It seems the number of people using the path has multiplied ten fold in the past few years! They throw their trash all along the lakefront path, drop their bags of dog doo along the path, walk on our piers, sit in our chairs, take photos of our home.

Honestly, I would really prefer that the lakefront property owners reclaim their right to privacy and ownership and stop the ABUSE that has been happening and escalating every year! The city has no right to make decisions on the use of our private property, each and every lakefront property owner should make that call, not the city officials. Just thoroughly frustrated with this total lack of respect for the property owners. Thank you so much for all your time and effort to help us reclaim our rights and privacy of our property.

Susan Gilliksen, Geneva Lake Shore Path property owner

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