Every community in our great nation would love to have the beauty, excitement, and ambiance of the City of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!

Carmel, Old Greenwich, Paris, and other cities so fortunate to possess this magic would certainly not allow an interstate highway through their area of shops or bumper-to-bumper parking through their residential neighborhoods! Magicians, musicians, and actors, such as found in Paris, would replace our ever-present and detested parking meters. Happiness and excitement would replace the frustration, anger, and congestion of our town! The thousands of dollars for expensive and invasive parking meters would be replaced by beautiful sculptures disguised as hidden, inter-block, multi-storied welcoming parking structures. A city’s beauty can be further magnified by elevated views such as provided by the Eiffel Tower and Space Needle, etc.

I can envision a ten or twelve observation tower with glass-paneled elevators financed with minimal fees. The Chamber of Commerce office, visitors’ center, etc. could occupy the top levels and a dramatic sub-grade level could feature an aquarium with the lake’s record-sized panfish, bass, and northern pike. The background could position the lake’s historic sunken yachts. We suggested a beautiful bridge to span the distance between the City of Lake Geneva and South Shore Drive and allow a two-hundred-foot California type traffic-free sand beach in lieu of the Big Foot “non-beach”!

The bridge could be located east of the lagoon and provide a shaded, protected area for beachgoers during dangerous thunderstorms. I have often seen families crossing the road with excited children running free dodging the busy traffic. We costed a potential bridge with several bridge companies with costs approaching nine million dollars. The city, at one time, had eleven million dollars of unspent T.I.F. funds in the bank! But, typically, year after year, “no action” by our duly elected officials who sat on their hands! And the T.I.F. funds went elsewhere! Visionaries must be unelectable or illegal in the City of Lake Geneva where the rear-view mirror must be the optic of choice!

Thomas Kincaid, Internationally renowned architect, and resident of Town of Linn


Thank you, thank you for the recipe contained in the GSR July 22, 2020/Volume 9, Issue 43.

The “Tomato and Vidalia Onion Pie” recipe is absolutely delicious. My wife and I have made it twice now and it is WONDERFUL! It is inexpensive, healthy, and did I mention it is delicious? (Truth be told- I don’t make it, I just eat it.) We enjoy the GSR and appreciate the hours that must go into producing it. Thanks, again.

Brian Wales, Elkhorn resident

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