To Friends and Customers of the Red Geranium.

After thirty-five years of service to the local community, the Red Geranium will close its doors after service on January 1, 2020. The Swatek family opened the Red Geranium in 1985 as a place where the community could come together for great food, wine, ambiance, and cheer. In thirty-five years, we have celebrated countless birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and Mother’s Days with you and your families, and friends. I would like to thank our managers and staff for honoring the Red Geranium’s commitment to providing our community with warm and courteous service. The past year-and-a-half without Lyle Swatek at the helm has been difficult but would have been impossible without your support.

We’ve got a month to go, and December is going to be amazing! We’re decorated for the holidays, chef Troy is working on some great specials, and you’ll find incredible prices on some of our favorite wines! Please join us this month, as we live in the present, celebrate the past, and look to the future. To all our dear friends and loyal customers without whom this journey would not have been possible,

Thank You.

Sincerely, Dotty Hanny-Swatek, Lake Geneva Business Owner

Red Geranium Restaurant

Make sure to stop by the Red Geranium and visit Blanche during this holiday season. Chief Troy is preparing a special menu to celebrate the season and the past 30 years of serving the community.


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